A Wedding

“Kim & M.C.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.C. Gainey on their Wedding Day
at the Jazz Fest, May 2, 2002!

Our wonderful friends Kim & M.C. Gainey hold their wedding ceremony at the 2002 Jazz Fest in New Orleans. The bride is adorned with SaintsForSinners.com medals! And they are being serenaded by our favorite singer, Paul Sanchez.

Three weeks have gone by since my wedding day. My husband, my sweet and wonderful husband, had flowers sent to our hotel room this morning to wish me a happy three week anniversary. It’s a beautiful day; he’s off rehearsing for his new role as a good-hearted cowboy, while I am here enjoying the roses, still in pajamas, drinking coffee, thinking about medals and everything else.

     There may be no way to truly express my feelings about all of what went on during wedding time, but I have to try anyway. So many special people went out of their way to show M.C. and me how much they love us. Crawfish boils, music shows, places to stay, lunches and dinners from Katie’s to Barrataria… we were surrounded by fun and friendship and our favorite people in the whole world. It was a powerful, positive dynamic, a force so real it will be with all of us forever.

     Of course there were details to reckon with, in the midst of all the fun. If you’re a bride, whether you like it or not, you have to worry about what to wear at your wedding. And if you’re getting married outside, rain or shine, under an oak tree on the Jazz Fest grounds, you have to figure on being sweaty and rumpled at the very least. Which is why I had to have THE BELT.

     THE BELT, which was really a SAINTS FOR SINNERS necklace that I wore low around my waist, saved my dress, if not the whole day, and possibly an infinite amount of time thereafter. The dress was basically a cream-colored silk chiffon layered smock, over a skirt to the floor of the same fabric. It needed something to anchor the top from blowing around and it needed color. And I needed some of Rob’s special energy, even though he was present for much of the pre-wedding fun and of course the wedding itself. Objects have energy, and Rob’s medals are the best examples of this fact that I know of.

     I showed Rob my dress and he knew just what to do. It was the day before the wedding, but somehow I never worried about the dress situation. Rob just took care of it. He knows what medals people need, and he chose medals for my belt that would protect me in every situation I would encounter, whether it had to do with safe travel or finding lost things. The belt became a Saints for Sinners recipe, and the combination he chose was nothing short of a miracle. After the wedding was over, the belt became a necklace which I literally did not take off for several days because I was convinced it was still part of the force.

     Rob said the medals were something old, something new, something BORROWED, and something blue, and at mc_kim_festfirst I didn’t understand the BORROWED part. I thought I could pay for them and didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just sell them to me instead of having me give them back. But I was missing the point. Every object, especially if it’s an art object, is borrowed. Ownership is always temporary, because owners are temporary. The energy of the objects may last far longer then the people who “owned” or “borrowed” them. So because of what the medals really are, I HAVE TO GIVE THEM ALL AWAY.

     So my little handful of Saints-for-Sinners medals will soon be a memory, too, along with everything else that was our wedding. I will be careful with some of the medals, making sure very special friends and family each have one. But with a few of the medals, my very special borrowed medals, I will make sure I’m not too careful: I will always keep the spirit and give a few medals from my magical wedding to some people I don’t even know yet, telling them when I do, that a Saints for Sinners medal is to be cherished while you have it and then given away, with love.

   Wednesday, almost a week later… Rob, Rob, Rob! I just read about a third of this and I had to stop. M.C. told me I should add a bunch of really good stuff about you, which is why I didn’t mail it last week. I think if I write a bunch of really good stuff about you it might go to your head. Not really. I’m just too embarrassed already. Besides, you know how much I love you, right? I do love you.        … Kim