Paul Sanchez

Click here to listen to an audio testimonial -“Shout Out” – from Singer/Songwriter Paul Sanchez, from one of his live performances – his text follows (if you want to “follow the bouncing ball”)…

“Gonna do a song for a friend of mine In fact, we became friends about five years ago right here at Carrollton Station when he was dragged out by another friend who said you gotta hear this guy sing.

He didn’t know or care, and he came out and he listened to me sing, and we became friends. And he’s a really wonderful man.

He has this thing, you see these painted medals that I wear, they’re called Saints for Sinners… an obvious wear for me. And they’re medals he brings in from Italy and he hand paints them himself and they’re beautiful and you can find them at

And this song is his request, this goes out to Rob Clemenz…”

Paul Sanchez

Click here to hear one of our all-time favorite songs, “Amy Told Me” and to download this truly excellent song. And, if you ever figure out its lyrics, please send a note and share your thoughts, ’cause Paul is not telling…


SaintCast — Paul Camarata

What do ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen, Hurricane Katrina, and Saints have in common?
Tune in to the latest SaintCast to find out.

Tune in to the latest SaintCast


Australia Broadcast Network – Radio National Breakfast

After a writer with The Panama City News, Amy Roe, wrote a great story about Agence France Presse syndicated the article and it was repeated throughout the world.

The folks “down under” must have read about us because they called us at five o’clock in the morning and asked us if we would be interested in giving an interview about and our hand painted saint medals and serenity stories.

We were happy to talk with Geraldine Doogue with Radio National Breakfast and the Australia Broadcast Network.

Thank you Geraldine, RNB, and ABC for taking on a “trip” to Australia. G’Day Mates!


Download the MP3 file, 6:34 6.02mb
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Real Audio streaming, 6:34 3.07mb
Requires Real Audio, click here to download the Free RealPlayer

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