Soozie Tyrell

Here is our favorite violinist, Soozie Tyrell and Rob backstage spending some time together after Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band’s recent sold out performance in Houston at the Toyota Center in March, 2008.

Soozie is wearing the Miraculous Medal Rob gave her at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in April, 2006. That was surprising but also very uplifting to know that she has kept the medal for so long. Her blue necklace has many different versions of Virgin Mary medals she has collected over the years while touring in Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, and Canada. Soozie was actually born in Pisa, Italy. We have been enjoying listening to Soozie’s great record, “White Lines,” which features a fantastic song called “Saint Genevieve” and it is a personal favorite. Her compelling lyrics offer hope and faith and love to any listener who has faced adversity, fallen down, and then gotten back up and persevered. We call it an “Ode to New Orleans” as it is reminiscent of our tremendous resiliency after the flood of 2005 destroyed our wonderful city. But thanks to people like Soozie Tyrell, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, and Brad Pitt, to name just a few, we have rebounded and are making it right with the hope and spirit “Saint Genevieve” offers:

“Oh Saint Genevieve
Sweet Saint Genevieve
That old gypsy river wants to take her share.
You, know, I’ll never leave
Oh she took her share
I’ll stay right here
I aint gonna leave.”

“Ste. Genevieve” from Soozie Tyrell’s record, “White Lines.” This beautiful ballad features Soozie on lead vocals, piano, and of course, her captivating violin. Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen can be heard in the background vocals. Jane Scarpantoni offers the cello, Tony Garnier the acoustic bass, and Richard Crooks is rocking with the percussion. We love this song, the album, and especially, Soozie Tyrell. Thank you, Soozie!

Jeremy Shockey

This is a new photograph of the New Orleans Saint Tight End Jeremy Shockey (and 4 Time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XLII Champion Ring Owner) from September 29, 2008. Rob Clemenz and Jeremy are at the House of Blues before “Maroon 5’s SOLD OUT Benefit Performance for Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right” Foundation. Jeremy may or may not be a convert to the “family.” We did give him and his friends really nice, carefully crafted hand-painted black and gold and white Holy Spirit medals and also our updated story from the web site about Saint Sebastian guiding the New Orleans Saints to a Victory in the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida. The question is, “Will Jeremy wear our medal?” I guess we will have to “hurry up and wait” to find out. One of his friends did tell us that one of his tattoos has a religious theme so there’s hope! If you see Jeremy out and about in the city (he said he likes the French Quarter a lot) take a look and if he is displaying the medal somewhere, somehow, please snap a picture for us! Jeremy Shockey was very kind and patient at the House of Blues; he generously answered everyone’s questions about his new role with the New Orleans Saints, how he likes the city (he “loves” it), and his thoughts on lots and lots of football issues. And, as you can clearly see, he was very good-hearted about letting folks take photographs of him. Thank you, Jeremy Shockey, for being so hospitable. Welcome to New Orleans! We think the Saints are blessed to have you!

Edie McClurg

Here is our dear friend, actress Edie McClurg, with fellow actor Emilio Estevez at a screening of the movie “Bobby,” which was directed by Emilio with his dad, Martin Sheen, as one of the stars. Edie says Martin Sheen was very curious and asked her about ouredie_emilio_estevez hand-painted saint medals. Edie is always wearing and sharing our medals out in Hollywood. She has been in the SaintsforSinners “family” for years. You probably recognize her as the delightfully wicked secretary from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or the hilarious next door neighbor, “Mrs. Poole” from long running “The Hogan Family” television program.

Here’s another photo of Edie wearing our hand-painted saint medals, only this time she at our home in New Orleans, and getting ready to enjoy a great weekend of music at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Edie is a dedicated Jazz Fest groupie and we are happy she is because we get to have her visit us every year.

Edie’s “One Woman” autobiographical show, “It’s Edie in Here” at The Groundlings Theatre on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles was critically acclaimed and we were riveted by her performance. Edie has great depth and range as an actress; you can hear her starring once again as the witty “Carlotta the Maid” in “Little Mermaids III,” coming soon to a theatre near you! She will also be appearing in “Simple Things,” written and directed by Andrew Erin.


Randy Grim

The founder of Stray Rescue in Saint Louis, Missouri sent us these autographed books and let us know he loves the saint Francis medal we sent him as a gift. Randy worked tirelessly rescuing animals in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the flood.

The photo was taken at a radio station in Saint Louis on the day Randy first began wearing our medals. He told me he always wears our Saint Francis when he goes out rescuing animals. (please scroll down…)

A Wedding

“Kim & M.C.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.C. Gainey on their Wedding Day
at the Jazz Fest, May 2, 2002!

Our wonderful friends Kim & M.C. Gainey hold their wedding ceremony at the 2002 Jazz Fest in New Orleans. The bride is adorned with medals! And they are being serenaded by our favorite singer, Paul Sanchez.

Three weeks have gone by since my wedding day. My husband, my sweet and wonderful husband, had flowers sent to our hotel room this morning to wish me a happy three week anniversary. It’s a beautiful day; he’s off rehearsing for his new role as a good-hearted cowboy, while I am here enjoying the roses, still in pajamas, drinking coffee, thinking about medals and everything else.

     There may be no way to truly express my feelings about all of what went on during wedding time, but I have to try anyway. So many special people went out of their way to show M.C. and me how much they love us. Crawfish boils, music shows, places to stay, lunches and dinners from Katie’s to Barrataria… we were surrounded by fun and friendship and our favorite people in the whole world. It was a powerful, positive dynamic, a force so real it will be with all of us forever.

     Of course there were details to reckon with, in the midst of all the fun. If you’re a bride, whether you like it or not, you have to worry about what to wear at your wedding. And if you’re getting married outside, rain or shine, under an oak tree on the Jazz Fest grounds, you have to figure on being sweaty and rumpled at the very least. Which is why I had to have THE BELT.

     THE BELT, which was really a SAINTS FOR SINNERS necklace that I wore low around my waist, saved my dress, if not the whole day, and possibly an infinite amount of time thereafter. The dress was basically a cream-colored silk chiffon layered smock, over a skirt to the floor of the same fabric. It needed something to anchor the top from blowing around and it needed color. And I needed some of Rob’s special energy, even though he was present for much of the pre-wedding fun and of course the wedding itself. Objects have energy, and Rob’s medals are the best examples of this fact that I know of.

     I showed Rob my dress and he knew just what to do. It was the day before the wedding, but somehow I never worried about the dress situation. Rob just took care of it. He knows what medals people need, and he chose medals for my belt that would protect me in every situation I would encounter, whether it had to do with safe travel or finding lost things. The belt became a Saints for Sinners recipe, and the combination he chose was nothing short of a miracle. After the wedding was over, the belt became a necklace which I literally did not take off for several days because I was convinced it was still part of the force.

     Rob said the medals were something old, something new, something BORROWED, and something blue, and at mc_kim_festfirst I didn’t understand the BORROWED part. I thought I could pay for them and didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just sell them to me instead of having me give them back. But I was missing the point. Every object, especially if it’s an art object, is borrowed. Ownership is always temporary, because owners are temporary. The energy of the objects may last far longer then the people who “owned” or “borrowed” them. So because of what the medals really are, I HAVE TO GIVE THEM ALL AWAY.

     So my little handful of Saints-for-Sinners medals will soon be a memory, too, along with everything else that was our wedding. I will be careful with some of the medals, making sure very special friends and family each have one. But with a few of the medals, my very special borrowed medals, I will make sure I’m not too careful: I will always keep the spirit and give a few medals from my magical wedding to some people I don’t even know yet, telling them when I do, that a Saints for Sinners medal is to be cherished while you have it and then given away, with love.

   Wednesday, almost a week later… Rob, Rob, Rob! I just read about a third of this and I had to stop. M.C. told me I should add a bunch of really good stuff about you, which is why I didn’t mail it last week. I think if I write a bunch of really good stuff about you it might go to your head. Not really. I’m just too embarrassed already. Besides, you know how much I love you, right? I do love you.        … Kim



Paula Deen

This is Paula Dean who is becoming a member of the family by putting on Saint Lawrence, patron of chefs. Paula hosts her own cooking show, “Cooking with Paula” and she also has her own magazine! Her TV program is always informative and fun. Check it out!

paula_dean_cooking_with_mag_cover               paula_deen_medal

Greg Behrendt

Here’s our friend, best selling author (“He’s Just Not That Into You”) – comedian – performer – and “Relationship Guru” Greg Behrendt with his lovely wife, Amiira wearing our Saint Matt Talbot. Greg was an honored recipient at Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Awards celebration.

For the rest of 2007 and into the Summer of 2008, Greg (and Saint Matt!) will be touring the country doing Stand Up Comedy. Check out his tour schedule at

Or … if you want to see a truly fantastic Ska/Surf Band performance, check out Greg and his band, The Reigning Monarchs at Largo ( ) at 432 North Fairfax, Los Angeles, California on December 15, 2007. Largo is one of the best venues in the country and is located directly across the street from the famous Canter’s Deli.

And … If you see Greg on the road during his Stand Up Comedy Tour be sure to heckle him if you do not see our SaintsforSinners hand-painted Saint Matt around his neck!


Greg & in OK!


Marta Becket

Marta Becket 3Here are some great photographs of Marta Becket, the creator of the Amargosa Opera House. Marta is becoming a member of the “family” by wearing our hand-painted Miraculous Medal. The medal was given to her by our dear friend, the actress Edie McClurg, who is wearing a SaintsforSinners hand-painted Saint Genesius. Marta is a famous dancer, artist, pianist and thespian.

However, we think the most remarkable thing Marta has done is this: She created something from nothing. In 1967, Marta went on a camping trip and wound up in Death Valley Junction to have a tire repaired. While waiting, she went for a walk and came across a deserted building. It was old, dusty, and dilapidated. She looked inside through a crack in a wall and saw an abandoned theatre. And Marta had a vision. She would re-create the theatre and return it to splendor. The next day she leased the building and created what is now known as the Amargosa Opera House. Marta performed there for decades. If no one came to see her, Marta gave her performance to herself and her God. Years later, Marta decided to create a giant mural on the wall. It took her four years to create a tapestry of many people in an audience. There were Kings and Queens, Military Statesmen, happy girls and boys and majesty aplenty! Marta’s many accomplishments have been chronicled in a documentary, “Amargosa.” The film has been critically acclaimed, has won several awards, and most of all, like Marta, is very positive in spirit.

The following are pictures of our friend Edie McClurg presenting Marta with a Miraculous Medal. Marta is the subject of the documentary Amargosa, which you can find at Amazon.Com.



Hall of Fame-Ous!’s Hall of Fame-Ous!

Here’s a collage (a work in progress!) of some of the “famous folks” and other friends associated with’s hand-painted saint medals and serenity stories. Also included are some of the publications who have placed on their pages. Do you recognize any of “our people”?

Hall of Fame-Ous!

Enter “’s Hall of Fame-Ous” Photo Gallery »


Our Hall of Fame-Ous!

The “New Orleans Times-Picayune” columnist Angus Lind wrote a front page article in the Sunday Living Section about our hand-painted Saint medals and, Best selling author (“He’s Just Not That Into You”) and comedian and ABC Television talk show host Greg Behrendt wearing our Saint Matt, “Backstreets, The Boss Magazine” featured our very own Saint Peter, (“Heaven’s Gatekeeper) adorning the neck of musician Bruce Springsteen on their front cover of issue #85 with the headline “When the New World is Revealed,” “Dog’s Eye View” musician and overall muse Peter Stuart wearing Saint Matt, Huey Lewis – who wears our Saint Andrew, Portland Magazine Style Editor Jill Spitznass – who wears Saint Dismas, the actor and “Dead Eye Dick” musician Mark Miller ( “MaryAnn, She’s a Vegetarian”) wearing our Saint Mark, schoolteacher Emily Dewey wearing our Saint Dymphna, Portland Monthly Style Editor Jill Spitznass wears our Saint Dismas out west in Oregon, and will feature our hand painted saint medals in the January, 2007 issue of her magazine. Thank you, Jill! Actor and Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys – Meyers (‘Bend it Like Beckham,” “Match Point,” “Elvis”) wearing our Saint Patrick from “the Great Republic of Ireland,” actress Edie McClurg (“Ferris Bueler’s Day Off,” “Mrs. Poole from “The Hogan Family”) wearing our Our Lady of Prompt Succor, musician Susan Cowsill (“The Cowsills” “The Continental Drifters,” “The Susan Cowsill Band”) wearing our oversized Miraculous Medal at the Carrolton Station, actor M.C. Gainey (“LOST,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Con Air,” “Sideways,” “Happy, Texas”) wearing Saint Patrick, Entertainment Attorney (“Cowboy Mouth,” “UNLV,”) Rick Duplantier wearing our Saint Jude, The USA Today wrote about and quoted us in February, 2006 in a page 3 article about the New Orleans Mardi Gras, the very much loved (by us and her husband!) musician Patti Scialfa(“Rumble Doll,” “23rd Street Lullaby”) wearing our oversized hand painted Miraculous Medal at the 2006 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and enjoying a moment with Noble Prize Nominee and “Dead Man Walking” author Sister Helen Prejean, who has supported us in our philanthropic endeavors and wore our Our Lady of Prompt Succor, attorney and Tulane Law School graduate Laurie Dearman Clark wearing our Saint Theresa of Avila and also giving “American Idol” singer Ace Young our Saint Patrick, another American Idol singer and finalist Bo Bice wearing our Saint Joan of Arc, Registered Nurse Christine Craig wearing our Saint Agatha, Cowboy Mouth drummer and singer Fred LeBlanc (“Jenny Says”) wearing our patron Saint of Musicians, Saint Cecilia, Emily Duplantier with her lovely Grand-daughter Casey Lu who is wearing our Saint Teresa of Lisieux (“The Little Flower”), our favorite comedian and Relationship Guru Greg Behrendt flashing the generic “Rock and Roll” sign, Old 97’s singer and solo recording artist (“The Instigator,” “The Believer”) Rhett Miller wearing our Saint Jude, the “Murmurs” musician Heather Grody cheerfully displaying our Saint Joan of Arc along with fellow “Murmurs” musician and actress Leisha Hailey ( “The L Word”) also posing with our Saint Joan of Arc medal and serenity story, Hootie & the Blowfish musician Jim “Soni” Sonnefeld showing our Saint Cecilia medal, Emily Dewey and Rob Clemenz wearing Saint Expedite and enjoying a Mardi Gras Parade, Trevor St. John(“One Life To Live”) who brilliantly portrays “Todd Manning,” “Chee Wees” drummer Mark Hebert posing with our Saint Anthony, Former New Orleans Saint Professional Football Player and Super Bowl Champion Doug Brien wearing our patron Saint of athletes, Saint Sebastian, “Cowboy Mouth” drummer getting in between football player Doug Brien and his wife, the attorney Shanti Brien who is wearing our glow in the dark Saint Clare, Stand Up Bassist Jeremy Chatzkywearing our oversized Miraculous Medal and talking with Sister Helen Prejean, FounderRob Clemenz wearing the “Miracle Worker” Saint Charbel and experiencing a true highlight by hugging a smiling, lovely and beautiful musician Patti Scialfa ( the committed spouse of another musician, Mr. Bruce Springsteen) who is wearing our Miraculous Medal, the actor Tom Humbarger (“Elvis”) and actress Jennifer Rae (“Elvis”) enjoying a night out at The Carrolton Station, Promotions Guru and dear friend Jill Allemand (“Everybody Loves Jill”) wearing our Saint Jude with Interior Designer Beth Huelin, also wearing our Saint Jude and standing next to her husband and sound engineer for the band “Hootie & the Blowfish,” Billy Huelin, who is enjoying wearing our Saint Padre Pio, the soulful singer John Bouttewearing his own (not ours!) Miraculous Medal, our cat Lint Owl Clemenz not wearing a medal and resting on our dining room table because she was a cat who did whatever she wanted to do before her untimely death from Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (, Douglas Cardinale, our very first salesman and wonderful nephew, wearing our “Phoenix” and striking a pose with _____________ , an autographed CD Cover from the musician Steve Forbert(“Romeo’s Tune,” “Complications,” “The American in Me”) who also shares my actual birth date and wore our Saint Cecilia while he was in our home on our birthday, the Australian Broadcasting Company logo ( we were interviewed on the “Australain National Breakfast” radio program), the gifted writer Kathryn Lively‘s book “Little Flowers,” which has our Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton on its cover, the Southampton Press which gave us a favorable review calling us “rather offbeat” and encouraged its readership to “check it out,” an Asian Web Site that mentions us, the Jumping Water Newsletter that wrote about us and really seemed to understand our “serenity for sharing” concept, the El Nuevo Herald which ran a front page article about us written by the writer Miguel Sigardo and featured Mark Hebert as our “poster boy,” the Boulder Weekly, a publication that jokingly endorsed our candidacy when we mockingly pretended to run for Pope, the musician Paul Sanchez’s Sonoma Valley CD Cover and CD which lovingly uses our hand painted saint medals as its artwork, and last but not least, down below are Paul and Shelly Sanchez (“Tour Manager” for “Cowboy Mouth”) taking in the beauty of one of our hand painted saint medals and sharing its serenity with each other.


Paul Shelly was proud to contribute to and participate in the Lusher Magnet Schools Fundraiser, the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival, Halloweens in New Orleans Benefit for Lazarus House, and is pleased to benefit Saint Dominic’s Church in Lakeview by frequently donating to numerous events it sponsors as well as contracting to advertise in its bulletin for the year following Hurricane Katrina.

The Papal Blessing

The Papal Blessing

This story is fairly amazing. As many of you know we lost all of our medals in the flood after hurricane Katrina. I could not throw them away so I started sending a flood medal out with every new order. A lady named Mary Sperry ordered some medals and I sent her a flood medal of Saint Anthony with Saint Francis on the other side. A week or so later I received a call from Mary Sperry saying she loved her medals and she was sending me something in the mail, which she did. It was a letter that came in this envelope

Mary’s letter says that she took the flood medal to Rome and that it was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI on December 13, 2006 (which is interestingly, my birthday!) and she was sending it back with this explanation:

“I wanted to return it to you now that it has been blessed. Hopefully, the blessing will rest in New Orleans and on you.” – Mary Sperry.

A photo of the medal is below. I am so moved by Mary’s kind words and her thoughtful gesture. What a kind, generous soul. Thank you, Mary. I think this Blessed flood medal may indeed give all of a sense of community. It is certainly comforting to know that you have not forgotten our fair city. Thank you so much!

Press & Publicity

Our Recent Media Publicity


002 Houston

Carlos Valencia “loves” our hand-painted saint medals! Check out the January 2008 Issue – check out page 41! Thanks Carlos!





Emily Hohenwarter included our medals in the fashion section of CUE magazine! Check out the January 2008 Issue, page 46-47! Thanks Emily!

Read page 47 here. We are having technical difficulties with page 46.




Inicio | People en Español

“Muchas Gracias, People en ESPANOL!”

Miguel Sirgado, Style Editor for People en ESPANOL, recently recommended our hand-painted saint medals and serenity stories as great Mother’s Day Gifts in their May, 2007 Issue – check out page 68! Thanks to Miguel and Jeniffer at “People”!

Thanks to Style Editor Miguel Sirgado and Jeniffer Lopez at People en ESPANOL for featuring 3 of our hand painted medals in their Mother’s Day Issue, it arrived 4.01.07. Muchas Gracias People en ESPANOL!


Portland Monthly

Jill Spitznass, the Style Editor placed our medals on the Styles Pages of Portland Monthly, and in a very big way! She added a note that says “Portland loves you, Rob!”

Thanks, Jill. We love you. And Portland too!


OK! Weekly Magazine


Full color photos of our medals were featured in OK! Magazine this past fall, right next to Sarah Jessica Parker. Not too shabby! Thanks, OK!



Backstreets: The Boss Website

Yes, that is The Boss, Bruce Springsteen wearing our hand-painted Saint Peter (“Heaven’s Gatekeeper”) medal at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, April, 2006 on the cover of Backstreets Magazine. Sincere thanks to Andrew @ Backstreets!

The Times Picayune


We were very favorably reviewed in a 2007 edition of The Times Picayune’s Living Section:

“Amen to that” By Mike Scott, January 17, 2007
The New Orleans Times Picayune (“WEB SURFING”)

Admit it: You were worried. The Saints pulled it out against the Eagles, but you had your moments of doubt. Well, you can hedge your bets next week, thanks to the Web site for this local company, which sells beautiful hand-painted medals honoring patron saints of any number of causes – including St. Sebastian, the patron saint of athletes. (And, as the Web site declares, “patron saint of the future New Orleans Saints victory team for 2007.”) Me, I think I’m going to order up a St. Patrick – as in Patrick Sean Payton – but that’s just me. Either way, a little divine intervention never hurts:

Mike Scott
Staff Writer
The New Orleans Times Picayune


Goooooooooooo Saints!

We got NATIONAL coverage at the New Year’s Eve game!!! They showed the sign and they even talked about us!


Tune in to hear about on SaintCast.
Tune in to the latest SaintCast


August 27, 2011

First, and foremost, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who may be affected by Hurricane Irene and her aftermath. Please heed the warnings.

We know first-hand, the power of hurricanes, and this one looks like it could be treacherous. Get your supplies and please don’t make the mistake I have made – keep you phones charged!

Many years ago, our friend Paul Sanchez, wrote a song called “Hurricane Party.” It is available on ITunes. He is also the singer who you hear when the Web Page opens, singing his song “All Are Welcome in Heaven.” Here is a rendition of Paul’s Hurricane Party song: Hurricane Party

The patron saint invoked against hurricanes is Our Lady of Prompt Succor. She also provides “Quick Help.” Let’s all say a prayer to Our Lady and ask her to carefully guide all who face the wrath of Irene.

Stay safe!

Rob Clemenz, Founder

July 29, 2011


We hope everyone is having a great summer. We have a bit of news to share with you folks on our e mail list. This will be short but we will be following up with more news very soon:

The has finally begun to be updated! We have added dozens of new saint stories and will be adding several more in the coming weeks!

We have added new stores in Missouri, Delaware, the Carolinas, Louisiana and California. Our next Newsletter will give you all the details.


Our newest store that joined us five minutes ago is Eddie’s Pharmacy, 206 Choupique Lane in Cottonport, Louisiana, 71327. If you know anyone in Avoyelles Parish, please send them over to Eddie’s Pharmacy to check out our medals. Tell them to ask for Kim. (It might be a good idea to wait a few days before doing this as the order came in five minutes ago.)

The catalog of saints we have available is completed. We have one list of Saints by Topic or Occupation and one Alphabetical List of Saints. If you would like us to send them to you, just shoot us an e mail and we will get them to you!

A lovely lady named Elise has joined us to help make the Social Networking aspect of SaintsforSinners current. The future emails should be looking nicer, thanks to Elise!

We are wondering whether to begin offering sterling silver necklaces and would appreciate any comments or feedback you have about that. Should we start selling sterling silver chains?

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Martha. She was the sister of Mary and Lazarus and was a good cook. We have called her the patron saint of Sisters for years, thanks to our friend Margo, who once asked us to create medal packages for her daughter’s Sorority. We did it and soon after, Margot sent us photos of the chef (cook?) Paula Deen wearing our Saint Lawrence medal. Thanks again, Margo! Anyway, the story about Martha goes like this: One day Martha was actively cooking a meal for Jesus, Mary, Lazarus and who knows who else. Martha got annoyed because everyone was hanging out with Jesus while she was busy in the kitchen. So she stated that “All should be helping” her cook. And Jesus said, according to Saint Luke, “One does not live by bread alone” and this helped Martha to see that each person is different and although she enjoyed cooking and being active, that doesn’t mean everyone does! And then Martha saw that a contemplative way of life was just as admirable as an active way of life. We agree with that sentiment. But that doesn’t mean you can get away with not helping to clean up after dinner! Although “too many cooks may spoil the pot,” everyone should be helping to clean up after dinner. We made that last part up!

That’s it for this newsletter. Please pass it along through all the Social Media sites. Tweet and Retweet. Like Saints for Sinners on Facebook. Allow SaintsforSinners to be StumbledUpon. Digg SaintsforSinners! And FourSquare SaintsforSinners if that’s possible. Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom line!


Rob Clemenz, Founder

December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you all have a great Holiday Season!

Our Latest News:

We finished our second commercial and it has been running on TV and the Web. Please pass it around, share with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Here it is: Second Commercial

We have also been revising the web site, adding saints and stories and our “Touchdown Jesus” medal is selling briskly, along with the Holy Spirit medallion we recently re-acquired. It has been sold out for a long time but it is now back in our line-up. We are also planning another trip to Italy in the spring, so lot us know if there’s something special and/or some saint you need.

Our newest retail store is called “Loopy Mango” and is located in New York City ( SOHO ). “They’re a little bit loopy,” their owner says! If you are in the NYC area, check out the store and if you have friends in the area, send them to Loopy Mango too. If you know of retailers that might be a good fit for us, please let them know about us and let us know about them! We’re always happy to send samples to retailers as we begin to expand our retail operations.

We donated medals for local fund raisers benefitting our local SPCA and also the local “KREWE OF MUSES” organization, which was able to raise over $5,000 to assist in a rebuilding project in the local Gentilly neighborhood. Thanks to all of the many donors, and the hard work of the Krewe of Muses, a single Mom and her children are able to back into their home, more than 5 years after Hurricane Katrina. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about Please visit our Facebook Fan Page, called “Saints for Sinners.” You can join by pressing the “Like” tab. There’s still time to purchase any of our hand-painted saint medal packages in time for Christmas, but time is moving fast, so please order soon.

Newsletter – December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas! The Final Countdown has begun! There is still time to receive a Hand-Painted Medal Package in time for Christmas ….

If there’s someone on your gift list that is leaving you stumped about what to buy, consider getting one of our medals and customizing the card for them, at no extra charge. Just give rob a ring at 504.239.3143, or order online at The Post Office workers have said they expect that packages sent out today or tomorrow should arrive in time for Christmas.

We hope you have a truly Happy Holiday! We will send our last e mail of the year next week. We’re going to share our facts and figures with everyone as a way to try and become better organized and then also have a way to try and “beat our 2010 record” in 2011. And …. we are going to try our best to catch up with the “Who’s Your Saint?” quizzes that have been set aside in order to keep mailing the medal packages quickly and keep all of our great retailers fully stocked with hand-painted saint medals.

Thanks for forwarding the e mails, using the buttons on the web site Home Page to share our information with others, joining us on the Saints for Sinners Facebook Fan Page, and for passing the commercials around. The response has been really great and we are going to start airing the commercials on TV in the Northeast and other places where we have loyal friends and family….

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Rob Clemenz, Founder

November 2006

“All Saints, All Souls & Thanksgiving Day(s) Edition”

“Hello Family!” We hope you had happy All Saints & All Souls Days! Also, “Happy Thanksgiving!” We are pleased to welcome our newest family member, Mary Sperry, in Silver Spring, Maryland. Your hand painted Saint medal and Serenity Story is on its way to you. We hope you like it. Thank you for your order!

First things first. If you think you did not receive our October Newsletter it is true you did not but … that is because it was never written! So many exciting things happened in September we could not get the newsletter mailed as planned. We have good reasons: We had to send all the orders that kept coming in from all over the country, Canada, and the UK. It’s exciting to announce that the “ family” has now doubled in size. Some explanations for our tremendous growth follow:

In early September an issue of “OK! Magazine” came out and on the inside back cover was a section featuring former “Sex and the City” writer and TV show host Greg Behrendt who commented in the magazine that he wears our “design” of Saint Matt “all the time.” OK! Magazine associate photo editor Astrid Starwiarz included colorful images of our hand painted saint Expedite & Anthony medals and featured them squarely in the middle of the page and very prominently next to a great photograph of the “Sex and the City” star, Sarah Jessica Parker.

The response we received from Astrid’s artistic rendering of our hand painted medals and Greg’s kind words was truly amazing. We have never been as busy as we were for the months of September and October. With a little luck and continued hard work we hope the momentum will continue. We were truly invigorated by the increased interest in our hand painted saint medal and serenity story business. So, when the ESPN Monday Night Football crew broadcast our New Orleans Saints team in their line up we found a way to get some publicity…

My nephew, Doug Cardinale, a staff writer for the University of New Orleans Newspaper, “The Driftwood,” and I were trying to think of an eye catching sign to make to bring to the game. Doug thought of a great design that advertised and paid homage to our New Orleans Saints newest editions, Quarterback Drew Brees and the rookie Running Back Reggie Bush. We labeled them “Our Saviors” in a yellow and black sign with halos and the logo on top and bottom. In the third quarter some friendly camera people at ESPN placed our sign on the television screen for a very long time.

Many people called or wrote to say they saw the sign! Once again we received many orders in a short span of time. We fell behind but then were completely caught up after working day and night for weeks to get the orders out. We sent the orders out and about and included a “Flood Medal” and handwritten note with each package sent.

After we mailed the first set of flood medals on the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina we received many heartfelt responses that were very moving and we decided to continue sending a piece of history, a severely damaged, rusted saint medal nearly completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flood. We put the medal in a “Ziploc” bag and made notations indicating which saint was in the bag along with the date the package was prepared. You kindly responded to the flood medals received and in various ways ….

Family member Emily Squires in Providence, Rhode Island e mailed to say she was keeping the medal in her clutch as a reminder of the troubles New Orleans has endured over the past year, Maquel German called and said she was planning to place her flood medal package in a prominent place in her home so she would not forget New Orleans, Corey Halphen wrote and said he was very touched by the receipt of the flood medal and was keeping it in the breast pocket of his suit.

Laurie Clark in North Carolina wrote that her 8 year old daughter Emma brought the flood medal to school to show to her class during “Show and Tell.” And Susan Schmitz in New Jersey sent us a beautiful hand written note saying she was missing her Mom, Rose, who had passed away. And then she (“Coincidentally”? We don’t think so!) received our Saint Rosalie flood medal and took it as a comforting sign from her Mom. Many of you wrote with similar responses.

The flood medals are obviously “striking a chord” and we will continue to send them out with each order. Perhaps one day our supply of thousands of ruined medals will have been sent all over the world and will be completely depleted. And perhaps, some day, the medals you receive will have archival importance as being pieces of history from the worst natural disaster in our country’s history. Maybe not, but one thing is certain: we expect to continue sending our medals out west….

A short time after the OK! Magazine piece hit the news stands, we received a wonderful telephone call from Oregon. “Portland Monthly” Style Editor Jill Spitznass ordered medals. We sent them off and Jill let us know she would be placing images of our hand painted saint medals in the January 2007 issue of Portland Monthly on her “Styles” page. It is exciting to be in a monthly magazine and amazing to be included on a “Styles” page! It seems we have developed a bit of a following out west already.

We recently learned that the singer Huey Lewis is wearing our hand painted Saint Andrew medal in Oregon. So now Saint Andrew has joined Saint Peter as our “Rocking and Rolling” Saints and Saint Matt remains the sometimes co-host of The Greg Behrendt Show. Our saints sure are doing some interesting work and we are happy for them.

We made changes on the web site, among them:

  1. We added new folks in the family to our “Hall of Fame – Ous” link and
  2. We added new testimonials to the letters link.

We have continued with the fun method of answering the “Who’s Your Saint?”Quiz but need to apologize because we are not yet up-to-date with answering all the quizzes that have arrived. Our page has over 150 friends and has new audio, photographs and stories, thanks to the immensely talented Jeff Peters in New Orleans.

The plan to begin selling bracelets is progressing- we located and purchased the bracelets and found suitable clasping methods. The bracelets will be available in a few days! Longtime family member Dorothy Dorff in New York City will be receiving the first bracelet we make! We also cannot wait to have Dorothy on our Hall of Fame-Ous!

“Thank You” to Jill Spitznass, Huey Lewis, ESPN, ABC, Greg Behrendt, and OK! Magazine’s Astrid Starwiarz. Please spread the word, visit the web site and feel free to photocopy or e mail the newsletter(s) to others in your circle who might like to join our family. Let us all be mindful this November to be thankful for what we’ve got. We’ve got the saints and that’s a lot! Thanks, ya’ll!

All the Best,

Rob Clemenz, Founder

September 2006

“Hello Family!” and a special “Welcome” to our newest family member who arrived a few short minutes ago, Patricia Leet, in Syracuse, New York. Your hand painted saint medal will be with you soon. We hope you like it!

Now that 8.29.06, the “One Year Anniversary” of Hurricane Katrina has come, and thankfully, gone, we think this is a great time to send everyone in the family a note to let you know how we are and report about some very good news!

First, we spent the anniversary working on and mailing out 10 special medal packages. Included with the hand painted saint medal and serenity story was a “flood medal” locked up tight and annotated in a clear Ziploc bag. We also wrote a special note to the 10 family members who will be receiving those packages very soon – they should be postmarked 8.29.06. I’m also thinking it is, perhaps, a good idea to add a ziplocked “flood medal” with every future order and would like to hear your comments and suggestions about that thought. And now, on to the fun news:

A few weeks ago we started receiving exciting e mails from family members who also happen to be Bruce Springsteen Fans. They were writing to tell us that the current issue of “Backstreets, The Boss Magazine” had just been delivered and the hand painted Saint Peter medal we gave Bruce during Jazz Fest last April was featured very prominently on the cover of the magazine! We ran out and got a copy and sure enough, there is Saint Peter around Bruce’s neck and on the same hemp cord we gave him. The picture was taken by Ruth Barohn and is incredibly similar to the photograph we have from the Associated Press (photographer Alex Brandon) on our home page. It was fun reconnecting with the folks who are in both the Springsteen & families! Thanks for letting us know about it. Bruce Springsteen,, Saint Peter and lots of fantastic religious icons adorning Bruce’s guitar – well, we are all now and will forever be …”on the same page”!

We have been trying and trying to strike a deal with Cosmopolitan Magazine where we participate in one of their Sweepstakes or Contests and the “negotiations” are ongoing but seem to have slowed down. And then the telephone rang. One door closes, another one opens! We answered the call and a lady on the other end said “This is Astrid with OK.” I said “OK?” She said “Yes, OK?” I said “OK” Finally I just said “OK, who is this and how can I help you?” Then Astrid explained she was a photographer with the magazine “OK!” and that she was calling to ask if we could send her photographic images of our hand painted medals! She wanted them because the Comedian-Author-ABC TV Show Host and Relationship Guru Greg Behrendt had been interviewed in their magazine and said some very complimentary things about . “OK!” wanted to include some of our hand painted saint medal images in the article. This was all very exciting and Astrid and I talked about (She even took our “Who’s Your Saint?” Quiz) and I promised to get some images to her right away which is what I did. The current issue of “OK!” magazine will feature images of our hand painted medals and you can buy it in most grocery and book stores. Please pick up a copy and send “OK!” an email telling them you are part of the family and wear our medals. OK?

One more thing about Greg Behrendt: His new TV show is debuting soon on ABC. I have been told’s very own Saint Matt will sometimes be “co-starring” with Greg. Check your local listings for the date and time of his show – if it is not on the schedule, please call your local ABC station and say “I want the Greg Behrendt Show!” Please e mail us if you see Saint Matt on TV! :o)

We have made a lot of changes on the web site, among them:

  1. We added a before & after Hurricane Katrina photo page;
  2. We included the audio from our radio interview in Australia;
  3. We created a Wall of Fame that includes the “famous folks;” and
  4. We changed the method of answering/grading the “Who’s Your Saint?” Quiz and it is extremely popular.

Also, quite a few of the younger family members were bugging us, saying “You need to create Page!” So, we finally relented and our dear friend and family member, Jeff Peters (Thanks, Jeff for providing such great “JeffQuality” work!) helped us create the page entitled, quite naturally, . We currently have 71 MySpace “Friends” and among them are Saints Augustine and Patrick. Check it out and say “Hello!” but be careful, MySpace is addictive.

The plan to begin selling bracelets is still in the works but it has been much more difficult than anticipated. Our apologies to Norm and Dorothy in New York City for being slow with creating their bracelet, the first bracelet we will make! We are sending our hand painted saint medal packages out very quickly (sometimes within an hour!) but making the bracelets is a challenge. We will do it!

Thank You’s: We need to thank Anna Dunne for helping us keep the family mailing list in order (Thanks so much Anna!), Chris Loveall at Edelstein for offering to try and help us get the hand painted medals out there in Prime Time TV land, Greg Behrendt for believing in, Connie Zimmermann for keeping the web site tight, Paul Sanchez and everyone involved with the band “Cowboy Mouth” for always wearing our medals and encouraging us, Laurie Clark for the brainstorming and wonderful camaraderie, Kaitlin Morse at Cosmopolitan Magazine for seeing the potential and possibilities, photographer Astrid Starwiarz at “OK!” magazine for making that phone call and getting our hand painted saint medal images in the magazine, Michele Campisi for her help with taking the photographs of the medals, and most especially, Peter Stuart for all the right reasons! Sometimes we think we owe half of our success to Peter Stuart! But then again, who doesn’t? “Thanks, y’all!”

Please spread the word, visit the web site and tell all your friends and family about the inspiring growth of! If you are able to photocopy this newsletter and pass it on or e mail it to others in your circle who might like to join our family, please do so. As Paul Sanchez so beautifully sings on our home page, “All Are Welcome in Heaven” and at!

All the Best,

Rob Clemenz, Founder

June 2006

“Hello!” to all you folks in the “ Family.” And “Greetings!” to the others to whom we are introducing our web site offering our uniquely hand painted saint medals and serenity stories. We are happy to announce that is finally fully functioning and back in business to stay!

It is amazing we are able to send this note to those of you who have been a part of, some of you since its wobbly beginning almost 10 years ago. After Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flood destroyed our home, “office” and local Post Office, we thought we had also lost our mailing list. But, through a stroke of good fortune, our dear friend Emily Dewey recently found a copy of the mailing list in a drawer. Emily moved to Saint Augustine with her husband Jonathan, right before the hurricane and the flood. It is nice to able to reach you again. Let me try to bring you up-to-date about all that has happened since last August.

When Katrina hit and the floodwaters came, we had evacuated to Houston, Lafayette, and Mandeville for several months. Since our computers were destroyed and the saint medals and supplies as well, it seemed it was time to close down the web business. But then what followed was a sort of “Divine Intervention” …

While we were living near Lafayette I went out driving one day. At some point I realized I was in Iberia Parish near Ann Street, the home of the Rosary House Religious Supply Store. Even though I had decided had to shut down, I went into the store to see if my favorite worker, Rita Norris, was there. We had become friends over the years and I longed to see a familiar face. She was working and I went to see her and we talked and cried about all the devastation, death and destruction that had affected so many people in the South. During our talk, Rita shared with me a story about her life. Years before, Rita and her husband Donald bought their first home. They were so excited to be new homeowners. And then the unthinkable happened: less than a month later, her husband suddenly passed away.

Rita said she had no earthly idea how she was going to survive and pay her mortgage. She had to borrow money to pay her next month’s note. But, after that she said she was able to pay her bills and never had to borrow money to pay her house mortgage again. And now her home is paid in full. Another lady came by and told me about losing everything she had in Hurricane Andrew. Then she went on to say that everything worked out in the end. It was uplifting to hear these two ladies talk about their perseverance. A few minutes later I knew I had to keep the business going, even if it meant going into debt. Soon I was busy collecting saint medals once again! The owners of the store gave me a nice discount and I went to the nearest craft supply store to replace my enamel paints and other utensils. Visa. It was ready when I was!

Then some other amazing things happened. A lot of you were sending e mails via and even began leaving phone messages asking how we were doing. It was comforting to hear from you and to know you cared about how we were! And some of you just placed orders and said “Send the medals when you can.” And soon the financial deficit slowed, thanks to the kindness and interest of many of you.

It took a while but eventually we bought over 100 different Saint Medals. The stories were safe because they were already on the World Wide Web! Our web designer, Connie Zimmermann helped us establish a new Pay Pal Account and saved us money already! We love Pay Pal!

We eventually got back home and I uncovered all the bins of medals, thousands of them, and 99% were ruined. I tried and tried to “fix” them but it was an exercise in futility. A few medals were in two closed plastic Ziploc bags and survived! I also kept all the flood medals, thinking that someday I will think of a suitable way to use them. I vowed to never throw them away. I know that someone – probably one of you in the family, is going to have a great idea about how to use the flood medals…

I am also happy to be able to report that although the latter part of 2005 was rough, 2006 has been excellent! We celebrated Mardi Gras by riding bicycles throughout the city with “The Mystik Krewe of BikeUs!” I gave away medals all day long and a writer named Ann Konigsmark interviewed us and wrote about in her paper, “USA Today,” repeating our view that we would not let a flood take away our Mardi Gras! The very next day, a writer from the “Southampton Press” in New York, Jamie Holthaus, wrote about the web site, calling it “rather offbeat” (true enough!) and recommending to her readers that they “check it out” to find their saint! Some orders came in and we got to the point where we could often send the medal packages out almost immediately! We found new Saints! We found new paints! We wrote new stories. We revised the web site and added lots of new photographs. We began selling our hand painted medals at Fund Raisers, Fairs and Festivals and a few retail stores are also selling our medals.

It has been going well and we had some big excitement at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival where we met many members of Bruce Springsteen’s “Seeger Sessions Band,” including his wife, Patti Scialfa. They all wore one of’s newer additions, the Miraculous Medal and Bruce wore our hand painted Saint Peter during his incredible performance. The Associated Press kindly let us a use a photograph of Bruce wearing our medal and it is on the web site. It seems Bruce kept wearing Saint Peter throughout his European Tour! also let us have a picture of the best selling author and comedian, Greg Behrendt, wearing one of our medals at a Cosmopolitan Magazine Party. We have humbly learned of the great value of the kindness of strangers!

In closing, I would just like to say “Thank You!” to everyone in the family who sent so many kind messages and in various ways. I promise to stay in touch in the future and have already mailed a copy of this mailing list to other towns to keep it safe and sound no matter what the hurricane season brings our way. Please come on back and visit the web site and tell your friends and family about the rebirth and renewal of!

Email Testimonials


I wish all businesses had your wonderful customer service!

Amy I.
Hermitage, TN
February 1, 2012

Hi Rob –

I just loved my old medal but I lost it. It had a lot of wear on it. The chain was a little tarnished and the paint on the medal had a little chip to parts of it. I wore it everyday…liked the worn look on it. Still have my St. Joseph one that I wear on occasion that looks like new. Thanks for the great product. Fashionable and spiritual, great combination.

Nick Ferro
Chicago, IL
January 31, 2012

Dear Rob,

I hope you are well. I sent my niece saint Bridget and she adored it. Now I’m ordering 2 saint Michaels. He is the cemetery preservation saint and I’ve been volunteering with that for 20 years! Also have a friend named Mike so he will get saint Michael as a gift. I am writing to find out if you are still using U.S. Mail?


August 20, 2009

Rob’s Reply:

Thanks Tina. We have worked with our local Save Our Cemeteries ( on a fund raiser and were happy to donate proceeds from our sales to their great organization. To answer your question, yes, we are still using the U S Mail for general deliveries though we can also send via Fed Ex for overnight deliveries. And if you are ever in New Orleans, we can even deliver the medal packages! I hope you like the Saint Michael medal packages. Thanks for your note! rob

Dear Rob,

Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday. I love both of the medals. Thanks for the update about the status of my order earlier, I really appreciated the information. Already wearing the St Anthony.

Thanks again.

Sophia McClain
Roanoke, Texas
August 18, 2009

Hi Rob, I received the Miraculous Medal in the mail. It is such a pretty piece and truly unique. I received lots of compliments and have been wearing it every day.

Renee Burns
April, ’08

I just received my medal and I have to say it is beautiful. I got Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I am becoming Catholic and she has been a source of great comfort to me over the past 6 months. I am at peace just having it on. I also just ordered Saint Joseph for my husband, and I know it will be just as beautiful as mine. Thanks so much for offering a great conversation piece!

Teri Guillory
March, 2008

Dear Rob, I received the medals today. I just wanted to say Thank you soooo much, for the wonderful medals and the way you have them packaged! I was so excited about the quality of them and the little notes that came along with them. I could not wait until tomorrow to give them to my son. I gave them to him today. Thank you again for your great company.

Dawn Boturla
January ’08

Dear Rob,
Your medals are “pure joy.”

Rosemary LeVoyer
Peninsula, OH
June 3, 2007

Rob’s Note:
Rosemary actually wrote this in a note she sent to me, not an e mail. I wanted to put it up here to talk about Rosemary’s daughter, Paige Hoover. Paige is working on a charitable event that helps children living with terminal cancer and we are donating lots of hand-painted Guardian Angel medals to help raise needed funds. The event is called “Denim & Diamonds” and will be held at The University of Akron on September 15, 2007. Consider making a donation by visiting their web site,

And if you go to the event, please be sure to say “Hello” to Paige who works tirelessly to help others in need. Paige is the real “pure joy.”

Denim & Diamonds is a very worthwhile project aimed at fighting cancer, creating hope and healing children.


I was totally speechless when I received the Katrina medal you added to my order. You see, my son has had two cornea transplants; unfortunately one did not take, so he is having correction surgery on June 27th. When I received the Saint Lucy medal, the patron saint of eyes, I knew then that he will be fine. He is only 15 years old and I worry, as a Mother should, about his future with his eyes. Getting the medal made me believe that God is watching over him, along with Saint Lucy. The medal I ordered was of Saint Agnes, for my future daughter-in-law and I just ordered Saint Agatha for a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. Your work is unreal and I am so happy to be involved.

Thanks again,

Roseann Marshall
Staten Island, NY
June 5, 2007

Hello Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that I gave the Saint Cecilia medal to my girlfriend’s daughter and she was very touched by it. You do awesome work, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Matt Kelly
Mentor Graphics
WOFCOM – Alternative Channel/ HVLC
Portland, OR
June 4, 2007

Dear Rob –

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, and we gave her Margaret and Philomena. She was so excited, and just loved the gift. I have a feeling I’ll be getting everyone’s patron saints to use as gift tags on our Christmas gifts this year.

I was so impressed with your artistic sense and the beauty of the medals. You have definitely made a friend for life out of me ( and out of Jodie – I guess we are a two-fer ).

Keep your eyes peeled for Saint Madern. If I find one, I’m mailing it immediately.

Jenn Satalino Stone – Portland, Oregon
May 18, 2007

” My entire family this Easter morning is looking at my new necklace and picking out one for themselves … having Mother Mary around my neck has brought me great joy… I’m sure the other one I ordered will be loved as well. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Easter and we will be sending a new order very soon.”

Susan Steward – Gadsen Alabama
April 8, 2007


“I will be ordering another Saint Francis of Assisi – a friend of mine here in Saint Louis is Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue – an animal rescue organization. He and some of his volunteers went to New Orleans to rescue some of the Katrina animal victims – he is widely known in the animal community nationwide. I will be appearing on his local radio show on May 25, 2007 to promote a huge rescue event at my place of employment. Although Randy is not Catholic, I still think he would appreciate one of the Saint Francis medals – so I will be placing an order with you.

I am finally getting time to read the numerous pages on your site – the photos from Katrina are painful to see – but I truly admire your positive spirit and ability to rise above your misfortunes. So glad I learned about you and your company.”

Harriet Cuddy
Saint Louis, MO
April, 2007

Rob replies:

Dear Harriet,

Thank you for this note, Harriet! It made my day. Please do NOT place your order for Randy Grim. I will be sending you a special medal package for Randy as a small token of “thanks” to him for helping the animals in New Orleans during their time of greatest need. I agree with you and I do not think the medals are for Catholics only. I think they are for everyone and I will be truly honored if Randy chooses to wear one of my designs! Thanks again and I wish you both:

All the Best, Rob Clemenz @

Hi –

“I just received my first order from … the medals are even more beautiful than your online pictures suggest. I had ordered 4 medals and can’t wait to give them as gifts, but one of the medals I ordered was saint Sebastian, the one in memory of Matthew Shepard. Instead I received the one with the card explaining he is the patron of athletes. I was just going to order the other card to go with this medal … but I have plenty of friends who I can gift with this medal, so I’ve decided just to re-order since the person I wish to give this medal to, would be especially grateful to hold the memory of Matthew Shepard, in the wearing of this medal. I’m just writing now to say thanks and to assure that my order comes with the right card. I assume there is nothing particularly different about the medal itself. Thanks!”

Timothy Kummerer
Defiance, Ohio
April, 2007

Rob replies:

Dear Tim,

Thank you for the kind words. I’m sorry I sent the wrong card. I have already sent you another saint Sebastian medal with the correct card. I need to tell you that I love that you wrote to me about Matthew Shepard. His tragic death had quite an impact on me and I think that he, in many ways, helped “shepherd” this company into existence. Please let me know how your friend responds to the saint Sebastian medal package dedicated to the memory of Matthew Shepard. It seems your friend and I may very well be kindred spirits with us both holding the memory of the life and death of Matthew Shepard in our hearts.

With humble thanks, Rob Clemenz @

“Rob, My friends Zac and Angie really, really cherish the Saint Medals they received at Christmas. Also, I must be honest with you that when I read on the gift cards the part about wearing a medal and then giving it to someone else, I said ‘Yeah, right, that’s a great thing but no way am I going to pass on this very special Katrina medal that I received as a gift from you! Absolutely, no way will it ever leave my possession!’ Well, (gulp), tonight I gave it to Angie’s partner for her 43rd birthday. Funny though, I didn’t expect the sudden feeling of joy encountered after giving it to her, and sharing with her, the story of Saint John “Don” Bosco. Thanks for bringing inspiration to others!” Barry Baker, Pensacola, Florida

“Hey Rob! Howdy! I just wanted to let you know that I did receive everything and everyone LOVES their medals! My sister said she’s getting lots of inquiries on hers…. I know I will be ordering some more. They’ve caused some ‘Hey, where’s mine?’ amongst my family, which always makes for fun times. Also, I was very touched by the Katrinas medal. Thank you so much. I will treasure it.” Best wishes, Teri McLeod

“Rob, Yesterday I received one Miraculous Medal and it is so lovely! I am so excited to give it to my God Daughter for Christmas!” Clyde Henderson, Washington, DC

“Hi – Let me say how much I love your merchandise.” – Kelly

“I just got the package and I absolutely LOVE them. Thank you so much for including the one from Hurricane Katrina.” – Julie LePore

“I have ordered 3 St. Joseph medals from you in the past. They were all wonderful. The last one that arrived was especially beautiful. I wanted to compliment you on a splendid job. It was done in reds and the colors are so nice. Thank you.” – Sherlyn Stevenson

“Rob – I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful medals. All of the medals that I ordered or subsequently received are much loved and are already helping in many ways. In addition to the St. Dymphna medal you sent me a St. Agnes medal which was a “flood medal.” Such a surprise to me. I can’t thank you enough. My grandmother’s name is Agnes and she passed a way a few years ago, but it still makes me sad at Christmas time. I was so happy and shocked to receive that medal (how could you have known?). It also came on December 18th, her birthday. On the flip side of the medal is St. Thomas Aquinas. I actually went to St. Thomas Aquinas Junior College. Again, how could you have known?

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that is a hard statement to swallow. But sometimes it is frightfully true.

Thank you for all the great work you do and I will be ordering more medals in the near future. My St. Joseph medal is helping me to ….

Best wishes – I could write all day about my new medals.” – Christine Callbeck

“Dear Rob, All those saints you prayed to apparently came through for you. My packages arrived today and I totally love them. Thank you so much and have a wonderful holiday.’ – Merrill Markoe, Malibu, California

“Dear Rob, Just a note to say everyone I gave your medals to loved them. They’re beautiful tiny pieces of art. Thanks again.” – Merrill Markoe

“My name is Meghan Schena and I just received my medals in the mail today. I was so excited because two of the medals were Christmas gifts, and they arrived just in time. … Your medals are beautiful and I am so happy I found your company online. I will definitely be ordering more medals in the future. Thank you very much.” – Meghan Schena, Methuen, MA

“Rob, I received the medal order today. They are beautiful…. My wife just became an RN and her middle name is Margaret, she was moved to tears. We wish you the best of luck in your business adventure and we will wear our medals proudly. Thank you” – Joe McCloskey, Washington, Michigan

“Hey Rob, I just wanted to let you know that months and months ago I ordered St. Peregrine medals for several of my family members in New Orleans when my Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer. We all wore them very proudly, as did he. He passed away on my 30th Birthday, December 31, 2006, and will always be gratefully remembered. But, the real reason fro my e mail to you is to tell you that all the immediate family members were allowed to put something in my Grandpa’s coffin tray…. Something he could “take” with him… as a remembrance. I want you to know that my choice was the St. Peregrine medal that I wore for him every day that he lived with his cancer. I wrapped it in a baggie and wrote on it that I would always love him and pray for him and that now, I only hope that he could watch over him, through my prayers and medal, from a distance.

“I hope that you know that what you are doing and providing to people is an unbelievably wonderful thing. It gives us hope in our darkest hours… While I would say my prayers for my Grandpa or think of him, I would always out of habit, rub my medal. And I wore it constantly in his honor until I laid it to rest with him. It has worn so much that some of the paint finally wore off… but, not much. It was a source of comfort to me and a source of strength.”

“I just wanted you to know, through this long winded e mail, that you are an awesome individual … you provide … hope, faith, love and strength. Thank you for what you do and what you are. I hope that my Grandpa is up there smiling on us all.” – Erica

Follow Up:

“Hey Rob, I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the Elizabeth Ann Seton medal you sent. Just receiving the medal and reading her story brought me a strong sense of companionship in the grieving process I am facing. It made me smile thinking…. how you have blessed me with such an incredible gift. I love the prayer card and your thoughtful note on the back. Wearing the medal … makes me feel like I am not alone in my grief and when I need a “friend” to lean on, maybe when no one else is around, that I can touch my medal and I will not be alone.

Thank you for bringing that into my life. It’s nice to know that even if it’s hangin’ around your neck, you’ve got a friend to walk your path with you … one that you can touch and feel and know it’s there. That alone is an intangible feeling.

Thank you again for my medal and for EVERYTHING. I am thankful. All the best, Erica”

“Thank you for your wonderful work. I loved the medals I ordered from your site. I enjoy them every day!” – Dee Ann Johnson

“Dear Rob, The Saint Cecilia flood medal breaks my heart, but the beautiful bracelet (and I mean exceptionally beautiful) lifts my spirits. I’m planning to never take it off, it’s so special. Thank you, thank you. …. You gave me my religion back … you’ll get graces in heaven.” – Dorothy Dorff

“Hi Rob, It is a fine piece of work. Everything we looked forward to.” – Norm Dorff

“Hi Rob! I forgot to email you when the medals arrived. They are beautiful and were very well received as gifts. Thanks for the extra effort to get them to us. I’ve been telling everyone about your website, so who knows? You may have some new customers.” – Michelle Neal

“Rob, the saints came marching in today. Both Francis and Lucy. The envelope was postmarked December 15th so they must have been held up by Santa’s sleigh. I can’t thank you enough for Saint Lucy, she is beautiful. Judi will receive Saint Francis tomorrow before she walks my dogs for me. Thanks for the beautiful cards. Judi can’t have those, they are all mine! All the best for 2007. I shall return.” – Mary Gariffe

“Hi Rob, I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE my medals. You sent me the 4 medals that I ordered, then you sent me the same order again. I kept the medals and gave them away because so many friends wanted one, but I need to pay. Thank you so much.” Tiffany Hawkins

“I wish you lots of good luck and send you all the good vibes I can. There is something drawing me to your work. I can’t explain it but it is such a strong feeling. I probably sound weird but it is a really strong vibe. All the best, Susan.”

“I love the medal. It is really cool. Thank you and I’ll be ordering from you again.” Corey Halphen

“Dear Rob, Thank you for sending Saint John Neumann’s story. I love my new medal. I have told my friends and family about you and many are ordering from you.” – Mary Francisco

“Thank you Rob & SaintsforSinners. I love both of my small and large Our Lady of Prompt Succor medals. Thank you also for the “flood medals,” they have great meaning and impact I’ll live knowing the rest of my life. The liturgy cards are also most beautiful. I treasure them all.” – Janice Montecalvo

“I received the St. Ann’s medal I ordered yesterday and it’s absolutely beautiful! I got it for my Mom for Christmas and I’ve asked her to get me a Guardian Angel so hopefully you’ll be hearing from her soon. I was wondering if you had an advertising banner that I could put on my Myspace page? Thanks again for the speedy delivery of my medal.” – Ambra Bridges

“Dear Sir, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love my medals!!! I happened upon your website on Google and ordered one right away. My Mom loved my St. Christopher so much I got a St. Ann for her. Now all my family wants one (hence my recent order).” – Rebecca Newton, Rochester, NY

“I’ve been meaning to email you for several days – I received my medals and they’re absolutely beautiful… I haven’t taken Our Lady of Perpetual Help off since I got her.” – Debra Voelker

“I have been telling everyone I know about your site, love it. I will continue to spread the word throughout my company and to friends about your site. It’s great.”

“The New Year was great and hoping yours was too. Regarding the Saint Agatha charm, I gave this to my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer on xmas eve. She cried when she read the story and wears the charm currently. She had surgery this past Friday and has told everyone about the story of Saint Agatha and what the charm symbolizes. Thank you for the great work and the story behind it, it was one of the reasons I ordered these charms from you. Thanks again for everything.” Rob S., Goldman Sachs & Co. New York, NY