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This is the story of Saint Agnes!

Patroness of Fiancés and those looking for Love

Feast Day: January 21


Agnes’ story took place long ago. She was a beautiful maiden and in love with God—no one else would do! Agnes said she had no plans of marrying anyone, not even Eutropius, the governor’s son, who wanted her for his bride. Her determination to be loyal to the one she loved, the Heavenly Father, made the governor mad. He ordered Agnes stripped naked and led through the streets to a local brothel. Still, Agnes held true to her love for God.

He must have helped her since, during the trip, her hair grew to great proportions and covered her nakedness. Upon her arrival at the brothel, an angel clothed Agnes in white. Rude people made unwanted advances to Agnes and a rogue tried to break her spirit. He was struck blind, but Agnes kindly and forgivingly restored her tormentor’s sight. Since no good deed goes unpunished, Agnes was then accused of being a witch! Agnes’ execution was carried out, but she never stopped loving the Lord. A legend says if you fast for 24 hours on Saint Agnes’ Feast Day (January 21) and eat an egg with salt on it, you will dream of your future spouse that night. Pray to Agnes for strength when separated from the people you love. True love will endure all separations.    © 1999

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson