December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you all have a great Holiday Season!

Our Latest News:

We finished our second commercial and it has been running on TV and the Web. Please pass it around, share with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Here it is: Second Commercial

We have also been revising the web site, adding saints and stories and our “Touchdown Jesus” medal is selling briskly, along with the Holy Spirit medallion we recently re-acquired. It has been sold out for a long time but it is now back in our line-up. We are also planning another trip to Italy in the spring, so lot us know if there’s something special and/or some saint you need.

Our newest retail store is called “Loopy Mango” and is located in New York City ( SOHO ). “They’re a little bit loopy,” their owner says! If you are in the NYC area, check out the store and if you have friends in the area, send them to Loopy Mango too. If you know of retailers that might be a good fit for us, please let them know about us and let us know about them! We’re always happy to send samples to retailers as we begin to expand our retail operations.

We donated medals for local fund raisers benefitting our local SPCA and also the local “KREWE OF MUSES” organization, which was able to raise over $5,000 to assist in a rebuilding project in the local Gentilly neighborhood. Thanks to all of the many donors, and the hard work of the Krewe of Muses, a single Mom and her children are able to back into their home, more than 5 years after Hurricane Katrina. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about Please visit our Facebook Fan Page, called “Saints for Sinners.” You can join by pressing the “Like” tab. There’s still time to purchase any of our hand-painted saint medal packages in time for Christmas, but time is moving fast, so please order soon.

Newsletter – December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas! The Final Countdown has begun! There is still time to receive a Hand-Painted Medal Package in time for Christmas ….

If there’s someone on your gift list that is leaving you stumped about what to buy, consider getting one of our medals and customizing the card for them, at no extra charge. Just give rob a ring at 504.239.3143, or order online at The Post Office workers have said they expect that packages sent out today or tomorrow should arrive in time for Christmas.

We hope you have a truly Happy Holiday! We will send our last e mail of the year next week. We’re going to share our facts and figures with everyone as a way to try and become better organized and then also have a way to try and “beat our 2010 record” in 2011. And …. we are going to try our best to catch up with the “Who’s Your Saint?” quizzes that have been set aside in order to keep mailing the medal packages quickly and keep all of our great retailers fully stocked with hand-painted saint medals.

Thanks for forwarding the e mails, using the buttons on the web site Home Page to share our information with others, joining us on the Saints for Sinners Facebook Fan Page, and for passing the commercials around. The response has been really great and we are going to start airing the commercials on TV in the Northeast and other places where we have loyal friends and family….

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Rob Clemenz, Founder

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