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I wish all businesses had your wonderful customer service!

Amy I.
Hermitage, TN
February 1, 2012

Hi Rob –

I just loved my old medal but I lost it. It had a lot of wear on it. The chain was a little tarnished and the paint on the medal had a little chip to parts of it. I wore it everyday…liked the worn look on it. Still have my St. Joseph one that I wear on occasion that looks like new. Thanks for the great product. Fashionable and spiritual, great combination.

Nick Ferro
Chicago, IL
January 31, 2012

Dear Rob,

I hope you are well. I sent my niece saint Bridget and she adored it. Now I’m ordering 2 saint Michaels. He is the cemetery preservation saint and I’ve been volunteering with that for 20 years! Also have a friend named Mike so he will get saint Michael as a gift. I am writing to find out if you are still using U.S. Mail?


August 20, 2009

Rob’s Reply:

Thanks Tina. We have worked with our local Save Our Cemeteries ( on a fund raiser and were happy to donate proceeds from our sales to their great organization. To answer your question, yes, we are still using the U S Mail for general deliveries though we can also send via Fed Ex for overnight deliveries. And if you are ever in New Orleans, we can even deliver the medal packages! I hope you like the Saint Michael medal packages. Thanks for your note! rob

Dear Rob,

Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday. I love both of the medals. Thanks for the update about the status of my order earlier, I really appreciated the information. Already wearing the St Anthony.

Thanks again.

Sophia McClain
Roanoke, Texas
August 18, 2009

Hi Rob, I received the Miraculous Medal in the mail. It is such a pretty piece and truly unique. I received lots of compliments and have been wearing it every day.

Renee Burns
April, ’08

I just received my medal and I have to say it is beautiful. I got Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I am becoming Catholic and she has been a source of great comfort to me over the past 6 months. I am at peace just having it on. I also just ordered Saint Joseph for my husband, and I know it will be just as beautiful as mine. Thanks so much for offering a great conversation piece!

Teri Guillory
March, 2008

Dear Rob, I received the medals today. I just wanted to say Thank you soooo much, for the wonderful medals and the way you have them packaged! I was so excited about the quality of them and the little notes that came along with them. I could not wait until tomorrow to give them to my son. I gave them to him today. Thank you again for your great company.

Dawn Boturla
January ’08

Dear Rob,
Your medals are “pure joy.”

Rosemary LeVoyer
Peninsula, OH
June 3, 2007

Rob’s Note:
Rosemary actually wrote this in a note she sent to me, not an e mail. I wanted to put it up here to talk about Rosemary’s daughter, Paige Hoover. Paige is working on a charitable event that helps children living with terminal cancer and we are donating lots of hand-painted Guardian Angel medals to help raise needed funds. The event is called “Denim & Diamonds” and will be held at The University of Akron on September 15, 2007. Consider making a donation by visiting their web site,

And if you go to the event, please be sure to say “Hello” to Paige who works tirelessly to help others in need. Paige is the real “pure joy.”

Denim & Diamonds is a very worthwhile project aimed at fighting cancer, creating hope and healing children.


I was totally speechless when I received the Katrina medal you added to my order. You see, my son has had two cornea transplants; unfortunately one did not take, so he is having correction surgery on June 27th. When I received the Saint Lucy medal, the patron saint of eyes, I knew then that he will be fine. He is only 15 years old and I worry, as a Mother should, about his future with his eyes. Getting the medal made me believe that God is watching over him, along with Saint Lucy. The medal I ordered was of Saint Agnes, for my future daughter-in-law and I just ordered Saint Agatha for a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. Your work is unreal and I am so happy to be involved.

Thanks again,

Roseann Marshall
Staten Island, NY
June 5, 2007

Hello Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that I gave the Saint Cecilia medal to my girlfriend’s daughter and she was very touched by it. You do awesome work, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Matt Kelly
Mentor Graphics
WOFCOM – Alternative Channel/ HVLC
Portland, OR
June 4, 2007

Dear Rob –

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, and we gave her Margaret and Philomena. She was so excited, and just loved the gift. I have a feeling I’ll be getting everyone’s patron saints to use as gift tags on our Christmas gifts this year.

I was so impressed with your artistic sense and the beauty of the medals. You have definitely made a friend for life out of me ( and out of Jodie – I guess we are a two-fer ).

Keep your eyes peeled for Saint Madern. If I find one, I’m mailing it immediately.

Jenn Satalino Stone – Portland, Oregon
May 18, 2007

” My entire family this Easter morning is looking at my new necklace and picking out one for themselves … having Mother Mary around my neck has brought me great joy… I’m sure the other one I ordered will be loved as well. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Easter and we will be sending a new order very soon.”

Susan Steward – Gadsen Alabama
April 8, 2007


“I will be ordering another Saint Francis of Assisi – a friend of mine here in Saint Louis is Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue – an animal rescue organization. He and some of his volunteers went to New Orleans to rescue some of the Katrina animal victims – he is widely known in the animal community nationwide. I will be appearing on his local radio show on May 25, 2007 to promote a huge rescue event at my place of employment. Although Randy is not Catholic, I still think he would appreciate one of the Saint Francis medals – so I will be placing an order with you.

I am finally getting time to read the numerous pages on your site – the photos from Katrina are painful to see – but I truly admire your positive spirit and ability to rise above your misfortunes. So glad I learned about you and your company.”

Harriet Cuddy
Saint Louis, MO
April, 2007

Rob replies:

Dear Harriet,

Thank you for this note, Harriet! It made my day. Please do NOT place your order for Randy Grim. I will be sending you a special medal package for Randy as a small token of “thanks” to him for helping the animals in New Orleans during their time of greatest need. I agree with you and I do not think the medals are for Catholics only. I think they are for everyone and I will be truly honored if Randy chooses to wear one of my designs! Thanks again and I wish you both:

All the Best, Rob Clemenz @

Hi –

“I just received my first order from … the medals are even more beautiful than your online pictures suggest. I had ordered 4 medals and can’t wait to give them as gifts, but one of the medals I ordered was saint Sebastian, the one in memory of Matthew Shepard. Instead I received the one with the card explaining he is the patron of athletes. I was just going to order the other card to go with this medal … but I have plenty of friends who I can gift with this medal, so I’ve decided just to re-order since the person I wish to give this medal to, would be especially grateful to hold the memory of Matthew Shepard, in the wearing of this medal. I’m just writing now to say thanks and to assure that my order comes with the right card. I assume there is nothing particularly different about the medal itself. Thanks!”

Timothy Kummerer
Defiance, Ohio
April, 2007

Rob replies:

Dear Tim,

Thank you for the kind words. I’m sorry I sent the wrong card. I have already sent you another saint Sebastian medal with the correct card. I need to tell you that I love that you wrote to me about Matthew Shepard. His tragic death had quite an impact on me and I think that he, in many ways, helped “shepherd” this company into existence. Please let me know how your friend responds to the saint Sebastian medal package dedicated to the memory of Matthew Shepard. It seems your friend and I may very well be kindred spirits with us both holding the memory of the life and death of Matthew Shepard in our hearts.

With humble thanks, Rob Clemenz @

“Rob, My friends Zac and Angie really, really cherish the Saint Medals they received at Christmas. Also, I must be honest with you that when I read on the gift cards the part about wearing a medal and then giving it to someone else, I said ‘Yeah, right, that’s a great thing but no way am I going to pass on this very special Katrina medal that I received as a gift from you! Absolutely, no way will it ever leave my possession!’ Well, (gulp), tonight I gave it to Angie’s partner for her 43rd birthday. Funny though, I didn’t expect the sudden feeling of joy encountered after giving it to her, and sharing with her, the story of Saint John “Don” Bosco. Thanks for bringing inspiration to others!” Barry Baker, Pensacola, Florida

“Hey Rob! Howdy! I just wanted to let you know that I did receive everything and everyone LOVES their medals! My sister said she’s getting lots of inquiries on hers…. I know I will be ordering some more. They’ve caused some ‘Hey, where’s mine?’ amongst my family, which always makes for fun times. Also, I was very touched by the Katrinas medal. Thank you so much. I will treasure it.” Best wishes, Teri McLeod

“Rob, Yesterday I received one Miraculous Medal and it is so lovely! I am so excited to give it to my God Daughter for Christmas!” Clyde Henderson, Washington, DC

“Hi – Let me say how much I love your merchandise.” – Kelly

“I just got the package and I absolutely LOVE them. Thank you so much for including the one from Hurricane Katrina.” – Julie LePore

“I have ordered 3 St. Joseph medals from you in the past. They were all wonderful. The last one that arrived was especially beautiful. I wanted to compliment you on a splendid job. It was done in reds and the colors are so nice. Thank you.” – Sherlyn Stevenson

“Rob – I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful medals. All of the medals that I ordered or subsequently received are much loved and are already helping in many ways. In addition to the St. Dymphna medal you sent me a St. Agnes medal which was a “flood medal.” Such a surprise to me. I can’t thank you enough. My grandmother’s name is Agnes and she passed a way a few years ago, but it still makes me sad at Christmas time. I was so happy and shocked to receive that medal (how could you have known?). It also came on December 18th, her birthday. On the flip side of the medal is St. Thomas Aquinas. I actually went to St. Thomas Aquinas Junior College. Again, how could you have known?

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that is a hard statement to swallow. But sometimes it is frightfully true.

Thank you for all the great work you do and I will be ordering more medals in the near future. My St. Joseph medal is helping me to ….

Best wishes – I could write all day about my new medals.” – Christine Callbeck

“Dear Rob, All those saints you prayed to apparently came through for you. My packages arrived today and I totally love them. Thank you so much and have a wonderful holiday.’ – Merrill Markoe, Malibu, California

“Dear Rob, Just a note to say everyone I gave your medals to loved them. They’re beautiful tiny pieces of art. Thanks again.” – Merrill Markoe

“My name is Meghan Schena and I just received my medals in the mail today. I was so excited because two of the medals were Christmas gifts, and they arrived just in time. … Your medals are beautiful and I am so happy I found your company online. I will definitely be ordering more medals in the future. Thank you very much.” – Meghan Schena, Methuen, MA

“Rob, I received the medal order today. They are beautiful…. My wife just became an RN and her middle name is Margaret, she was moved to tears. We wish you the best of luck in your business adventure and we will wear our medals proudly. Thank you” – Joe McCloskey, Washington, Michigan

“Hey Rob, I just wanted to let you know that months and months ago I ordered St. Peregrine medals for several of my family members in New Orleans when my Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer. We all wore them very proudly, as did he. He passed away on my 30th Birthday, December 31, 2006, and will always be gratefully remembered. But, the real reason fro my e mail to you is to tell you that all the immediate family members were allowed to put something in my Grandpa’s coffin tray…. Something he could “take” with him… as a remembrance. I want you to know that my choice was the St. Peregrine medal that I wore for him every day that he lived with his cancer. I wrapped it in a baggie and wrote on it that I would always love him and pray for him and that now, I only hope that he could watch over him, through my prayers and medal, from a distance.

“I hope that you know that what you are doing and providing to people is an unbelievably wonderful thing. It gives us hope in our darkest hours… While I would say my prayers for my Grandpa or think of him, I would always out of habit, rub my medal. And I wore it constantly in his honor until I laid it to rest with him. It has worn so much that some of the paint finally wore off… but, not much. It was a source of comfort to me and a source of strength.”

“I just wanted you to know, through this long winded e mail, that you are an awesome individual … you provide … hope, faith, love and strength. Thank you for what you do and what you are. I hope that my Grandpa is up there smiling on us all.” – Erica

Follow Up:

“Hey Rob, I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the Elizabeth Ann Seton medal you sent. Just receiving the medal and reading her story brought me a strong sense of companionship in the grieving process I am facing. It made me smile thinking…. how you have blessed me with such an incredible gift. I love the prayer card and your thoughtful note on the back. Wearing the medal … makes me feel like I am not alone in my grief and when I need a “friend” to lean on, maybe when no one else is around, that I can touch my medal and I will not be alone.

Thank you for bringing that into my life. It’s nice to know that even if it’s hangin’ around your neck, you’ve got a friend to walk your path with you … one that you can touch and feel and know it’s there. That alone is an intangible feeling.

Thank you again for my medal and for EVERYTHING. I am thankful. All the best, Erica”

“Thank you for your wonderful work. I loved the medals I ordered from your site. I enjoy them every day!” – Dee Ann Johnson

“Dear Rob, The Saint Cecilia flood medal breaks my heart, but the beautiful bracelet (and I mean exceptionally beautiful) lifts my spirits. I’m planning to never take it off, it’s so special. Thank you, thank you. …. You gave me my religion back … you’ll get graces in heaven.” – Dorothy Dorff

“Hi Rob, It is a fine piece of work. Everything we looked forward to.” – Norm Dorff

“Hi Rob! I forgot to email you when the medals arrived. They are beautiful and were very well received as gifts. Thanks for the extra effort to get them to us. I’ve been telling everyone about your website, so who knows? You may have some new customers.” – Michelle Neal

“Rob, the saints came marching in today. Both Francis and Lucy. The envelope was postmarked December 15th so they must have been held up by Santa’s sleigh. I can’t thank you enough for Saint Lucy, she is beautiful. Judi will receive Saint Francis tomorrow before she walks my dogs for me. Thanks for the beautiful cards. Judi can’t have those, they are all mine! All the best for 2007. I shall return.” – Mary Gariffe

“Hi Rob, I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE my medals. You sent me the 4 medals that I ordered, then you sent me the same order again. I kept the medals and gave them away because so many friends wanted one, but I need to pay. Thank you so much.” Tiffany Hawkins

“I wish you lots of good luck and send you all the good vibes I can. There is something drawing me to your work. I can’t explain it but it is such a strong feeling. I probably sound weird but it is a really strong vibe. All the best, Susan.”

“I love the medal. It is really cool. Thank you and I’ll be ordering from you again.” Corey Halphen

“Dear Rob, Thank you for sending Saint John Neumann’s story. I love my new medal. I have told my friends and family about you and many are ordering from you.” – Mary Francisco

“Thank you Rob & SaintsforSinners. I love both of my small and large Our Lady of Prompt Succor medals. Thank you also for the “flood medals,” they have great meaning and impact I’ll live knowing the rest of my life. The liturgy cards are also most beautiful. I treasure them all.” – Janice Montecalvo

“I received the St. Ann’s medal I ordered yesterday and it’s absolutely beautiful! I got it for my Mom for Christmas and I’ve asked her to get me a Guardian Angel so hopefully you’ll be hearing from her soon. I was wondering if you had an advertising banner that I could put on my Myspace page? Thanks again for the speedy delivery of my medal.” – Ambra Bridges

“Dear Sir, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love my medals!!! I happened upon your website on Google and ordered one right away. My Mom loved my St. Christopher so much I got a St. Ann for her. Now all my family wants one (hence my recent order).” – Rebecca Newton, Rochester, NY

“I’ve been meaning to email you for several days – I received my medals and they’re absolutely beautiful… I haven’t taken Our Lady of Perpetual Help off since I got her.” – Debra Voelker

“I have been telling everyone I know about your site, love it. I will continue to spread the word throughout my company and to friends about your site. It’s great.”

“The New Year was great and hoping yours was too. Regarding the Saint Agatha charm, I gave this to my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer on xmas eve. She cried when she read the story and wears the charm currently. She had surgery this past Friday and has told everyone about the story of Saint Agatha and what the charm symbolizes. Thank you for the great work and the story behind it, it was one of the reasons I ordered these charms from you. Thanks again for everything.” Rob S., Goldman Sachs & Co. New York, NY

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