Hall of Fame-Ous!

SaintsforSinners.com’s Hall of Fame-Ous!

Here’s a collage (a work in progress!) of some of the “famous folks” and other friends associated with SaintsforSinners.com’s hand-painted saint medals and serenity stories. Also included are some of the publications who have placed SaintsforSinners.com on their pages. Do you recognize any of “our people”?

Hall of Fame-Ous!

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Our Hall of Fame-Ous!

The “New Orleans Times-Picayune” columnist Angus Lind wrote a front page article in the Sunday Living Section about our hand-painted Saint medals and SaintsforSinners.com, Best selling author (“He’s Just Not That Into You”) and comedian and ABC Television talk show host Greg Behrendt wearing our Saint Matt, “Backstreets, The Boss Magazine” featured our very own Saint Peter, (“Heaven’s Gatekeeper) adorning the neck of musician Bruce Springsteen on their front cover of issue #85 with the headline “When the New World is Revealed,” “Dog’s Eye View” musician and overall muse Peter Stuart wearing Saint Matt, Huey Lewis – who wears our SaintsforSinners.com Saint Andrew, Portland Magazine Style Editor Jill Spitznass – who wears Saint Dismas, the actor and “Dead Eye Dick” musician Mark Miller ( “MaryAnn, She’s a Vegetarian”) wearing our Saint Mark, schoolteacher Emily Dewey wearing our Saint Dymphna, Portland Monthly Style Editor Jill Spitznass wears our Saint Dismas out west in Oregon, and will feature our hand painted saint medals in the January, 2007 issue of her magazine. Thank you, Jill! Actor and Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys – Meyers (‘Bend it Like Beckham,” “Match Point,” “Elvis”) wearing our Saint Patrick from “the Great Republic of Ireland,” actress Edie McClurg (“Ferris Bueler’s Day Off,” “Mrs. Poole from “The Hogan Family”) wearing our Our Lady of Prompt Succor, musician Susan Cowsill (“The Cowsills” “The Continental Drifters,” “The Susan Cowsill Band”) wearing our oversized Miraculous Medal at the Carrolton Station, actor M.C. Gainey (“LOST,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Con Air,” “Sideways,” “Happy, Texas”) wearing Saint Patrick, Entertainment Attorney (“Cowboy Mouth,” “UNLV,”) Rick Duplantier wearing our Saint Jude, The USA Today wrote about and quoted us in February, 2006 in a page 3 article about the New Orleans Mardi Gras, the very much loved (by us and her husband!) musician Patti Scialfa(“Rumble Doll,” “23rd Street Lullaby”) wearing our oversized hand painted Miraculous Medal at the 2006 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and enjoying a moment with Noble Prize Nominee and “Dead Man Walking” author Sister Helen Prejean, who has supported us in our philanthropic endeavors and wore our Our Lady of Prompt Succor, attorney and Tulane Law School graduate Laurie Dearman Clark wearing our Saint Theresa of Avila and also giving “American Idol” singer Ace Young our Saint Patrick, another American Idol singer and finalist Bo Bice wearing our Saint Joan of Arc, Registered Nurse Christine Craig wearing our Saint Agatha, Cowboy Mouth drummer and singer Fred LeBlanc (“Jenny Says”) wearing our patron Saint of Musicians, Saint Cecilia, Emily Duplantier with her lovely Grand-daughter Casey Lu who is wearing our Saint Teresa of Lisieux (“The Little Flower”), our favorite comedian and Relationship Guru Greg Behrendt flashing the generic “Rock and Roll” sign, Old 97’s singer and solo recording artist (“The Instigator,” “The Believer”) Rhett Miller wearing our Saint Jude, the “Murmurs” musician Heather Grody cheerfully displaying our Saint Joan of Arc along with fellow “Murmurs” musician and actress Leisha Hailey ( “The L Word”) also posing with our Saint Joan of Arc medal and serenity story, Hootie & the Blowfish musician Jim “Soni” Sonnefeld showing our Saint Cecilia medal, Emily Dewey and Rob Clemenz wearing Saint Expedite and enjoying a Mardi Gras Parade, Trevor St. John(“One Life To Live”) who brilliantly portrays “Todd Manning,” “Chee Wees” drummer Mark Hebert posing with our Saint Anthony, Former New Orleans Saint Professional Football Player and Super Bowl Champion Doug Brien wearing our patron Saint of athletes, Saint Sebastian, “Cowboy Mouth” drummer getting in between football player Doug Brien and his wife, the attorney Shanti Brien who is wearing our glow in the dark Saint Clare, Stand Up Bassist Jeremy Chatzkywearing our oversized Miraculous Medal and talking with Sister Helen Prejean, SaintsforSinners.com FounderRob Clemenz wearing the “Miracle Worker” Saint Charbel and experiencing a true highlight by hugging a smiling, lovely and beautiful musician Patti Scialfa ( the committed spouse of another musician, Mr. Bruce Springsteen) who is wearing our Miraculous Medal, the actor Tom Humbarger (“Elvis”) and actress Jennifer Rae (“Elvis”) enjoying a night out at The Carrolton Station, Promotions Guru and dear friend Jill Allemand (“Everybody Loves Jill”) wearing our Saint Jude with Interior Designer Beth Huelin, also wearing our Saint Jude and standing next to her husband and sound engineer for the band “Hootie & the Blowfish,” Billy Huelin, who is enjoying wearing our Saint Padre Pio, the soulful singer John Bouttewearing his own (not ours!) Miraculous Medal, our cat Lint Owl Clemenz not wearing a medal and resting on our dining room table because she was a cat who did whatever she wanted to do before her untimely death from Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (www.Catshots.com), Douglas Cardinale, our very first salesman and wonderful nephew, wearing our “Phoenix” and striking a pose with _____________ , an autographed CD Cover from the musician Steve Forbert(“Romeo’s Tune,” “Complications,” “The American in Me”) who also shares my actual birth date and wore our Saint Cecilia while he was in our home on our birthday, the Australian Broadcasting Company logo ( we were interviewed on the “Australain National Breakfast” radio program), the gifted writer Kathryn Lively‘s book “Little Flowers,” which has our Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton on its cover, the Southampton Press which gave us a favorable review calling us “rather offbeat” and encouraged its readership to “check it out,” an Asian Web Site that mentions us, the Jumping Water Newsletter that wrote about us and really seemed to understand our “serenity for sharing” concept, the El Nuevo Herald which ran a front page article about us written by the writer Miguel Sigardo and featured Mark Hebert as our “poster boy,” the Boulder Weekly, a publication that jokingly endorsed our candidacy when we mockingly pretended to run for Pope, the musician Paul Sanchez’s Sonoma Valley CD Cover and CD which lovingly uses our hand painted saint medals as its artwork, and last but not least, down below are Paul and Shelly Sanchez (“Tour Manager” for “Cowboy Mouth”) taking in the beauty of one of our hand painted saint medals and sharing its serenity with each other.


Paul Shelly

SaintsforSinners.com was proud to contribute to and participate in the Lusher Magnet Schools Fundraiser, the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival, Halloweens in New Orleans Benefit for Lazarus House, and is pleased to benefit Saint Dominic’s Church in Lakeview by frequently donating to numerous events it sponsors as well as contracting to advertise in its bulletin for the year following Hurricane Katrina.

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