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This is the story of Peregrine Laziosi!

Patron Saint of Cancer Survivors;
Invoked for Strength


Peregrine’s story took place long ago. Peregrine was born in Italy and was a an ill-tempered young man. As a youth he once went to a meeting where he lost it and punched a man named Philip Benezi in the nose. Philip was the leader of the Servite Order and Peregrine opposed their work. Philip decided to forgive the altercation. Soon Peregrine came seeking to repent for his misdeed. Philip invited him to join the Servites and Peregrine accepted. As a sign of his loyalty to the Order, Peregrine vowed quite a vow: To never sit down again! He worked for years as a friar helping needy people. One day he noticed that his leg was beginning to have problems and soon there was a large growth upon it. Peregrine finally went to see doctors and was told that the only way to save his life was for his leg to be amputated. The surgery was scheduled and Peregrine prayed for his health. The next day he woke up to find that his leg had miraculously healed overnight. Miracles are said to have ocurred near his tomb and he was canonized as a Saint in 1726. In our medal, Peregrine is shown kneeling on his one leg, presumably after the time he vowed to never sit again. Pray to Peregrine for hope and strength when facing difficult situations or when you realize you have done something dumb like punching someone in the nose and have to seek forgiveness! @2009

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson