July 29, 2011


We hope everyone is having a great summer. We have a bit of news to share with you folks on our e mail list. This will be short but we will be following up with more news very soon:

The www.SaintsforSinners.com has finally begun to be updated! We have added dozens of new saint stories and will be adding several more in the coming weeks!

We have added new stores in Missouri, Delaware, the Carolinas, Louisiana and California. Our next Newsletter will give you all the details.


Our newest store that joined us five minutes ago is Eddie’s Pharmacy, 206 Choupique Lane in Cottonport, Louisiana, 71327. If you know anyone in Avoyelles Parish, please send them over to Eddie’s Pharmacy to check out our medals. Tell them to ask for Kim. (It might be a good idea to wait a few days before doing this as the order came in five minutes ago.)

The catalog of saints we have available is completed. We have one list of Saints by Topic or Occupation and one Alphabetical List of Saints. If you would like us to send them to you, just shoot us an e mail and we will get them to you!

A lovely lady named Elise has joined us to help make the Social Networking aspect of SaintsforSinners current. The future emails should be looking nicer, thanks to Elise!

We are wondering whether to begin offering sterling silver necklaces and would appreciate any comments or feedback you have about that. Should we start selling sterling silver chains?

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Martha. She was the sister of Mary and Lazarus and was a good cook. We have called her the patron saint of Sisters for years, thanks to our friend Margo, who once asked us to create medal packages for her daughter’s Sorority. We did it and soon after, Margot sent us photos of the chef (cook?) Paula Deen wearing our Saint Lawrence medal. Thanks again, Margo! Anyway, the story about Martha goes like this: One day Martha was actively cooking a meal for Jesus, Mary, Lazarus and who knows who else. Martha got annoyed because everyone was hanging out with Jesus while she was busy in the kitchen. So she stated that “All should be helping” her cook. And Jesus said, according to Saint Luke, “One does not live by bread alone” and this helped Martha to see that each person is different and although she enjoyed cooking and being active, that doesn’t mean everyone does! And then Martha saw that a contemplative way of life was just as admirable as an active way of life. We agree with that sentiment. But that doesn’t mean you can get away with not helping to clean up after dinner! Although “too many cooks may spoil the pot,” everyone should be helping to clean up after dinner. We made that last part up!

That’s it for this newsletter. Please pass it along through all the Social Media sites. Tweet and Retweet. Like Saints for Sinners on Facebook. Allow SaintsforSinners to be StumbledUpon. Digg SaintsforSinners! And FourSquare SaintsforSinners if that’s possible. Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom line!


Rob Clemenz, Founder

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