Marta Becket

Marta Becket 3Here are some great photographs of Marta Becket, the creator of the Amargosa Opera House. Marta is becoming a member of the “family” by wearing our hand-painted Miraculous Medal. The medal was given to her by our dear friend, the actress Edie McClurg, who is wearing a SaintsforSinners hand-painted Saint Genesius. Marta is a famous dancer, artist, pianist and thespian.

However, we think the most remarkable thing Marta has done is this: She created something from nothing. In 1967, Marta went on a camping trip and wound up in Death Valley Junction to have a tire repaired. While waiting, she went for a walk and came across a deserted building. It was old, dusty, and dilapidated. She looked inside through a crack in a wall and saw an abandoned theatre. And Marta had a vision. She would re-create the theatre and return it to splendor. The next day she leased the building and created what is now known as the Amargosa Opera House. Marta performed there for decades. If no one came to see her, Marta gave her performance to herself and her God. Years later, Marta decided to create a giant mural on the wall. It took her four years to create a tapestry of many people in an audience. There were Kings and Queens, Military Statesmen, happy girls and boys and majesty aplenty! Marta’s many accomplishments have been chronicled in a documentary, “Amargosa.” The film has been critically acclaimed, has won several awards, and most of all, like Marta, is very positive in spirit.

The following are pictures of our friend Edie McClurg presenting Marta with a Miraculous Medal. Marta is the subject of the documentary Amargosa, which you can find at Amazon.Com.