September 2006

“Hello Family!” and a special “Welcome” to our newest family member who arrived a few short minutes ago, Patricia Leet, in Syracuse, New York. Your hand painted saint medal will be with you soon. We hope you like it!

Now that 8.29.06, the “One Year Anniversary” of Hurricane Katrina has come, and thankfully, gone, we think this is a great time to send everyone in the family a note to let you know how we are and report about some very good news!

First, we spent the anniversary working on and mailing out 10 special medal packages. Included with the hand painted saint medal and serenity story was a “flood medal” locked up tight and annotated in a clear Ziploc bag. We also wrote a special note to the 10 family members who will be receiving those packages very soon – they should be postmarked 8.29.06. I’m also thinking it is, perhaps, a good idea to add a ziplocked “flood medal” with every future order and would like to hear your comments and suggestions about that thought. And now, on to the fun news:

A few weeks ago we started receiving exciting e mails from family members who also happen to be Bruce Springsteen Fans. They were writing to tell us that the current issue of “Backstreets, The Boss Magazine” had just been delivered and the hand painted Saint Peter medal we gave Bruce during Jazz Fest last April was featured very prominently on the cover of the magazine! We ran out and got a copy and sure enough, there is Saint Peter around Bruce’s neck and on the same hemp cord we gave him. The picture was taken by Ruth Barohn and is incredibly similar to the photograph we have from the Associated Press (photographer Alex Brandon) on our home page. It was fun reconnecting with the folks who are in both the Springsteen & families! Thanks for letting us know about it. Bruce Springsteen,, Saint Peter and lots of fantastic religious icons adorning Bruce’s guitar – well, we are all now and will forever be …”on the same page”!

We have been trying and trying to strike a deal with Cosmopolitan Magazine where we participate in one of their Sweepstakes or Contests and the “negotiations” are ongoing but seem to have slowed down. And then the telephone rang. One door closes, another one opens! We answered the call and a lady on the other end said “This is Astrid with OK.” I said “OK?” She said “Yes, OK?” I said “OK” Finally I just said “OK, who is this and how can I help you?” Then Astrid explained she was a photographer with the magazine “OK!” and that she was calling to ask if we could send her photographic images of our hand painted medals! She wanted them because the Comedian-Author-ABC TV Show Host and Relationship Guru Greg Behrendt had been interviewed in their magazine and said some very complimentary things about . “OK!” wanted to include some of our hand painted saint medal images in the article. This was all very exciting and Astrid and I talked about (She even took our “Who’s Your Saint?” Quiz) and I promised to get some images to her right away which is what I did. The current issue of “OK!” magazine will feature images of our hand painted medals and you can buy it in most grocery and book stores. Please pick up a copy and send “OK!” an email telling them you are part of the family and wear our medals. OK?

One more thing about Greg Behrendt: His new TV show is debuting soon on ABC. I have been told’s very own Saint Matt will sometimes be “co-starring” with Greg. Check your local listings for the date and time of his show – if it is not on the schedule, please call your local ABC station and say “I want the Greg Behrendt Show!” Please e mail us if you see Saint Matt on TV! :o)

We have made a lot of changes on the web site, among them:

  1. We added a before & after Hurricane Katrina photo page;
  2. We included the audio from our radio interview in Australia;
  3. We created a Wall of Fame that includes the “famous folks;” and
  4. We changed the method of answering/grading the “Who’s Your Saint?” Quiz and it is extremely popular.

Also, quite a few of the younger family members were bugging us, saying “You need to create Page!” So, we finally relented and our dear friend and family member, Jeff Peters (Thanks, Jeff for providing such great “JeffQuality” work!) helped us create the page entitled, quite naturally, . We currently have 71 MySpace “Friends” and among them are Saints Augustine and Patrick. Check it out and say “Hello!” but be careful, MySpace is addictive.

The plan to begin selling bracelets is still in the works but it has been much more difficult than anticipated. Our apologies to Norm and Dorothy in New York City for being slow with creating their bracelet, the first bracelet we will make! We are sending our hand painted saint medal packages out very quickly (sometimes within an hour!) but making the bracelets is a challenge. We will do it!

Thank You’s: We need to thank Anna Dunne for helping us keep the family mailing list in order (Thanks so much Anna!), Chris Loveall at Edelstein for offering to try and help us get the hand painted medals out there in Prime Time TV land, Greg Behrendt for believing in, Connie Zimmermann for keeping the web site tight, Paul Sanchez and everyone involved with the band “Cowboy Mouth” for always wearing our medals and encouraging us, Laurie Clark for the brainstorming and wonderful camaraderie, Kaitlin Morse at Cosmopolitan Magazine for seeing the potential and possibilities, photographer Astrid Starwiarz at “OK!” magazine for making that phone call and getting our hand painted saint medal images in the magazine, Michele Campisi for her help with taking the photographs of the medals, and most especially, Peter Stuart for all the right reasons! Sometimes we think we owe half of our success to Peter Stuart! But then again, who doesn’t? “Thanks, y’all!”

Please spread the word, visit the web site and tell all your friends and family about the inspiring growth of! If you are able to photocopy this newsletter and pass it on or e mail it to others in your circle who might like to join our family, please do so. As Paul Sanchez so beautifully sings on our home page, “All Are Welcome in Heaven” and at!

All the Best,

Rob Clemenz, Founder

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