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This is the story of St. Augustine

Patron of Teachers, Writers, and Conversion

Feast Day August 28


Augustine’s story took place long ago. Augustine originally studied law at Carthage but gave it up to pursue philosophical learning and teaching. His major influence was Plato. For many years, Augustine tormented his mother Monica by denouncing Christianity. The facts that he sired a child out of wedlock and was a wayward traveler probably didn’t make Monica too happy either! Augustine was a heretic who questioned everything and this caused tremendous conflict. Throughout his life he wrote. His most famous work is called “The Confessions of Augustine,” a book written “for people curious to know the lives of others, but careless to amend their own.” In the book, Augustine glaringly acknowledged all his earlier failings and without minimizing or rationalizing. He realized that many of the positions he held previously were wrong. Augustine then made his mother proud by converting to Christianity and getting baptized. He later became ordained as a priest at age 37. His threefold adherence to the virtues of family, fidelity and the sacrament as well as his veneration on the value of companionship shows Augustine was steeped in goodness. Augustine was always kind to infidels and it is said he never forgot charity, meekness and good manners. Wear SfS Saint Augustine and read his writings when seeking guidance through prayer, study and introspection. Saint Augustine will help you answer your most troubling questions!

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson