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This is the story of The Infant Baby Jesus of Prague Invoked for Good Finances, Good Health,

Harmonious Family Life, Freedom & Peace

Memorial: 3rd Sunday in May


Took place long ago. It is likely the veneration began in Baroque, Spain, after Teresa of Avila  had visions of the Holy Child Jesus. The actual  statue that is venerated now is 47 Cm long. It was given to Marie Manrique in 1587 as a Wedding Day gift from her mother. The statue was later presented to the Order of the Carmelites as a gift. When the Carmelites fled Prague because of a pending imminent invasion they had to leave the Child Jesus behind. In 1638, a young Priest named Cyrillus a Matre Dei found the statue in the ruins of the Church. He did his best to clean the Infant of Prague, whose hand had broken, and placed it on the altar. One day, while praying, Jesus spoke through the Jesus Child and said:

“Have pity on Me and

I will have pity on you;

Give me my hands and

I will give you peace. ”

The  Priests could not afford to have the statue repaired and they did not know how to fix it themselves.  Holy Baby Jesus then instructed them to put it in the vestibule. When they did a man came along, saw the statue and repaired it. In 1776 the Infant of Prague was placed on marble sculptures with the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph at its side. Many miracles have been attributed to the Infant of Prague and millions have spoken to Jesus through his childlike image. © 2008 [for Dolores]

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson