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This is the story of St. Dorothy of Caesarea

Patron of Brewers, Brides, and Blooms. Invoked for Strength and Determination.

Feast Day: February 6


Dorothy’s story took place long ago… Dorothy was an idealist whose only wish was to remain a Virgin and marry God. This enraged many in her community because she was a beautiful woman whom many desired. She was tried and tortured and sentenced to death because of her faith in God. A pagan lawyer named Theophilus was especially scornful and he often mocked Dorothy. He once said, “Bride of Christ, send me the fruits from your bridegroom’s garden!” So, Dorothy decided to send a 6 year-old boy to Theophilus, along with a headdress, and supple fruits. The boy was obviously an Angel from God, and he was able to convert Theophilus to Christianity. In 1969, the organized Catholic Church held meetings, and for illogical reasons, decided that Dorothy, like Christopher, was not worthy of being a saint. We completely disagree with the decision and believe that Saint Dorothy is, and always has been, worthy of Sainthood. She spoke with conviction, held true to her ideals and is a wonderful role model for men, women, and children. Pray to Saint Dorothy during those times when you feel your friends and family are not seeing the “big picture.” Dorothy will help you stay true to your ideals and convictions. © 2010

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson