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This is the story of St. Edward the Confessor

Patron of Leaders and Healers, Invoked for Help with Understanding Others

Feast Day: October 13


Edward, the son of King Ethelred, II, became the King of England. Before taking the throne, Edward spent many years away and this gave him a fresh perspective about his role as a leader. He was gentle, kind, and generous. Edward would often go to the outskirts of the palace so he could talk to the townspeople, including the sick, poor, and infirm. It is believed Edward possessed the healing touch and cured many of their ailments. He was known as a miracle worker and it was widely believed he possessed the “Divine Touch of Kings,” that managed to cure scrofula, which was known to be a hodgepodge of diseases and ailments of the time. When he happened across a man who was stealing from his estate he kindly let the man go because he knew the man was in dire straits and truly needed what he was taking. Before he became King there was a long period of war and famine but when Edward ruled, the country enjoyed peace and prosperity. The country was able to rise up and those who witnessed his great leadership would often recall his reign as the prosperous period of “the laws of good saint Edward.”  He built many churches and brought many people together with his able leadership skills.  © 2007

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson