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This is the story of Cosmos & Damien!

Patron Saint of Twins, Doctors & Organ Donors
Invoked for Healing and Strong Family Bonds!


Cosmos & Damien were twins whose story took place long ago. The men were known for practicing medicine and treating animals and humans alike. Their generosity knew no boundaries since they did not charge fees for their work. This led them to be nicknamed “the moneylesss ones.” Cosmos and Damien were extremely popular in their native land of Cilicia in Asia Minor. When Emperor Diocletian took over Cilicia, Cosmos and Damien were ostracized for their Christian beliefs and imprisoned. They were later beheaded, along with other members of their family. The twins remained popular after their death and many artists rendered portraits of them. One of the most famous paintings inspired by the brothers shows one of their legendary achievements: the grafting of a new (caucasian) leg on the body of an cancercous African American youth. This painting is located at the Society of Antiquaries in London, England. Pray to Cosmos and Damien for successful organ donations and when hospitalized, for reasonable medical fees! @2005

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson