catholic medals

This is the story of Dismas!
the “good thief”!

Patron of Forgivers & Forgiveness;
Invoked for Understanding and Help with Forgiving & Forgetting


Dismas’ story took place long ago. He was crucified next to Jesus Christ, allegedly for being a petty thief. Dismas got caught stealing some food. While suffering together on their crosses, Jesus and Dismas began to understand one another. Jesus promised Dismas he would go to Heaven in spite of his sins. Jesus loved Dismas even though He knew that Dismas had committed crimes. But Jesus also knew that even He himself was not perfect and had also sinned during His life, as have all the people on this earth. Of all the SfS stories, the story of Dismas is the 2nd favorite of the SfS writers because it has helped us to understand loyalty better and teaches us all how important it is to keep caring for a friend, family member, loved one (or really even a stranger) when they have done something wrong. Dismas’ story is all about forgiveness and forgiveness unleashes great powers within you once you can come to the point of forgiving another person for being wrong, for making mistakes, for committing a crime. It was Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) who wrote that “the proper office of a friend is to stand up for you when you are wrong. Nearly anyone will stand up for you when you are right.” Pray to Dismas when you need another to forgive you for doing something wrong. Let Dismas also remind you daily that life is truly all about Jesus’ act of loving and forgiving Dismas. Life itself is truly all about forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. @2000

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson