catholic medals

This is the story of Guardian Angels!

Protectors of Children;
Invoked for Safety and Comfort


Guardian Angels’ stories take place every day! A special Guardian Angel is assigned to everyone at birth and it is your very own Guardian Angel who helps you throughout your life. The Guardian Angel is a “scorekeeper” in a sense because he or she keeps dutiful track of all the good deeds each person does. There are many times when a person performs a small gesture that has the effect of changing a life. The Guardian Angel keeps a careful record of all the details. A random act of kindness is a very powerful thing. It is said that everytime a bell rings an Angel gets its wings, enabling yet another Guardian Angel to go forth and guide another person throughout their life and to the Afterlife. @2004

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Wear this medal and then

share it with someone you love

Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,

painted by hand in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is

one of a kind original


“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson