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This is the story of Ignatius Loyola!

Patron Saint of the Jesuits and Learning;
Invoked when Seeking Excellence

The story of Ignatius took place long ago. Ignatius was the youngest of 11 children. While a soldier, he was shot in the leg by a cannonball and during his painful convalescence, he read the lives of the saints and converted to Christianity. He was a great student and wrote Spiritual Exercises, which emphasized the power of spiritual retreats. Spanish authorities imprisoned him for suspicion of being a heretic; he was later cleared of all fault but ordered not to preach for 3 years! Ignatius moved to Paris where he soon had a following of 6 students who believed in his message and way of life. The 6 became priests, formed the Society of Jesus and Pope Paul III gave his stamp of approval. Although he was initially reluctant, Ignatius agreed to lead the Society, which became known as the Jesuit Order. And lead he did! When he died he left behind an Order of over 1,000 and it has grown substantially. The Jesuits are are well-respected teachers throughout the world and there are numerous institutions that bear either Ignatius Loyola’s name or are known as Jesuit institutions of learning. Pray to Saint Ignatius Loyola when seeking excellence through study and commitment to any worthwhile project. @2007

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson