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This is the story of Martin of Tours!

Patron Saint of Bartenders,
Wine Lovers, Drinkers and “Party-Goers”


Martin’s story took place long ago in France. He was and is an extremely popular Saint in Europe where over 4,000 churches are dedicated to him. When Martin was a soldier he saw a drunk beggar on the side of the street and turned away. But the image of the man remained with him so he returned to the beggar and gave him half his cloak. Soon afterward, the image of Jesus Christ appeared to Martin and he converted to Christianity. His consistent generosity and humility caused him to be truly loved by the people who all admired his charity and selflessness. Wear SfS Saint Martin as a small reminder to help you look outside your own life and think of those less fortunate, as Martin de Tours did throughout his life.@2000

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson