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This is the story of Robert!

Patron Saint of Writers, Debaters & Garlic Lovers!
Invoked for Help with Research and for Acceptance!


Robert’s story took place long ago. Robert had a dream of becoming a Jesuit Priest and although his father wanted him to serve in the military, Robert joined the Church at age 18. He lived a life of austerity – his diet is said to have consisted of bread, water and garlic! Even after Robert became successful with his writings and famous discourse, he kept up this extremely regimented diet. Robert was prone to neither gossip nor any other form of mean spiritedness. Although he held true to sometimes controversial positions, he always backed his thoughts up with intellect and reason. Robert was also a very accepting person. During his time, Gailileo lived and was a very unpopular person due to his seemingly crazy idea about the “earth revolving around the sun.” Robert never wavered with his relationship with Galileo, though many criticized him for associating with him. Robert did not believe Galileo’s fresh (and correct) idea. Instead, Robert simply accepted Galileo for who he was. No one knew Galileo was a genius at the time! During later years, Robert became less vociferous with position papers and instead pursued a more devotional life. He then penned the famous essay on The Art of Dying Well. After his well-deserved canonization, he was named a Doctor of the Church due to his many outstanding writings and admirable way of life. @2006

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson