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This is the story of Rose of Lima!

Patroness of Florists and Gardeners


This is the story of Rose of Lima. Her real name was Isabel de Santa Maria de Flores y del Oliva but her confirmation name was Rose and that is the name she liked best. Rose of Lima has the distinction of being the first native of the New World to be declared a Roman Catholic Saint. She was born in Lima, Peru and her role model was Saint Catherine of Siena, one of our favorite Saints! Rose wore a crown of roses and lived very humbly, trying to help others and being faithful to the Lord. It is said that an earthquake was about to destroy Peru but Rose of Lima successfully prayed for it to go away and it did. Everyone in the town rejoiced that the earthquake did not occur and they praised Rose of Lima for her help. After she died she was canonized as a Saint in 1671 and is known as the patroness of gardeners, and all lovers of flowers. @2007

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson