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This is the story of Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

Patron of Loners. Invoked for Temper Control. Invoked for Education, and Help with the Poor

Feast Day: March 15


Saint Clement was born John Dvorak in Moravia to a poor family. He felt a calling to priesthood at a very young age, but he did not have the opportunity to get a formal education. He decided to devote his life to helping the poor. Here is one story about Saint Clement Mary that explains how his life became one of a cherished Saint: One day Saint Clement was in a pub in Austria asking all its patrons for money for poor children. As he went from person to person enduring the ridicule that was usually given to beggars at that time, the children followed him. He asked the men not for money for himself but for his children as he listened to their hurtful comments. He came upon one man who was very bitter and spit a mouthful of beer onto Saint Clement’s face. As was his way, he looked at the man in front of everyone and said “That is what you have for me, but what do you have to give my children?” In the spirit of Jesus and with courage Saint Clement set an example for all the children to learn, all the other patrons in the bar saw his reaction and response and Saint Clement was flooded with coins. He and the children left that day with enough money for a hot meal and shelter for the night. Pray to Saint Clement when someone you know may be having a problem with a quick temper, or when you need to settle down yourself. He can also be invoked for help with grief and when you need to look past someone’s faults toward forgiveness. ©  2008

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson