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This is the story of Saint Hugh of Lincoln

Patron of Sick Children and Swans

Feast Day: November 18


Hugh’s story took place long ago… Hugh of Lincoln was born in the 12th Century and is also known as Hugh of Avalon. His mother, Anna, died when he was 8 and Hugh was sent to a Covent in France, where he was educated. He became a Monk at a very young age, and then  a Deacon and a leader of a Monastery before being Ordained in the mid 1160’s. Hugh was very influential and many flocked to his Ministry, including a swan! He was not afraid to question decisions of the  leaders above him and went so far as to denounce and rally against the persecution of Jews. He often confronted the treacherous and fought for the well-being of all. He became a Bishop and thereafter a trusted Diplomat. On one of his diplomatic journeys for King John, Hugh went to France, where he became infected with a mysterious ailment that thoroughly incapacitated him. Jut a few months later, while on another trip, he became ill again and died a short time later. Hugh’s emblem is the swan and he has often been rendered in art, near a swan, as he is on his medal. People say he was friends with the swan and that the swan would guard over him while he slept! He is well-known for being a motivating force in helping to build the Lincoln Cathedral. Saint Hugh of Lincoln was buried in the Lincoln Cathedral. © 2013

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson