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This is the story of Saint Isidore

Patron Saint of the Internet,
Invoked against Computer Viruses!

 Feast Day: May 15


Isidore’s story took place long ago. Isidore was a well-educated researcher who worked tirelessly to create the original database – a medieval encyclopedia called the Etymologiae. Isodore chronicled a lengthy and comprehensive “brittanica” or digest of most sources of knowledge and helped expand the horizons for all those who wanted to learn and become well-rounded educated individuals. He provided a method for people to learn about medicine, law and liberal arts, all in one self- contained curriculum. Parade Magazine, the largest publication in the world recently re-printed an article from Business Week which stated that “even clergy like the idea of Saint Isidore” as the Patron of the Internet. Father John Zuhlsdorf, who is affiliated with Catholic Online said it “would be difficult to want to go to a degrading site if you were praying for patience and grace.” Parade ended the article with this advice: “Just to play it safe, while you’re celebrating on December 31st, repeat these words -” We pray thee, Isidore, on this last night, let all computers get it right!” © 1999

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson