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This is the story of Saint Maria Rosa Mystica

Patron of Prayer, Penance & Expiation, Invoked for the Conversion of Great and Hardened Sinners, Especially Failing Priests

Feast Day: July 13


Maria’s story took place long ago… Maria Rosa Mystica’s story still unfolds. The Blessed Virgin, along with two of the children who saw Our Lady of Fatima, Francesco and Hyazintha, appeared to Pierina Gilli , by Apparition in 1947 at Montichiari, Italy.  Also appearing were the Arch Angel Raphael, patron of love and healing and thousands of angels and saints. In Maria’s image were 3 roses colored red, white, and yellow, and she held 3 swords. The roses represented Prayer, Penance, and Expiation, while the swords stood for the losses of vocation, grace and faith. Maria is known as a Marian phenomena, and her wooden statues can be found all over the world. Maria’s admirable and mystical, goal is to reach the hardened and coldhearted, the spiritually absent and fraudulent, and return the broken and fallen, to once again become God’s “Children of True Faith.” Maria implores all to offer an Hour of Pardon to those with lost and tormented souls. This hour of grace, love, kindness, and forgiveness, is designated for December 8th, and Maria implores us to spend the hour in mid-day prayer for the fallen. She implores us to shed a tear of repentance at this very hour. Maria Rosa Mystica is known as the Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ. She is Mother of the Church and Mother of us all. Maria begs us to say prayers for the broken hearted, with hopes for getting them started again. She beseeches prayers of love for the most downcast souls. Maria’s great ambition, love, and kindness for those seemingly unworthy, is testament of the powerful, and always enduring, love of the Blessed Virgin, Mother Mary. ©  2012

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson