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This is the story of Saint Matt Talbot

Patron of Recovery &
all “12 Step Programs”
Invoked for Inner Strength

Feast Day: September 20


Matt’s story took place long ago. Matt was born in Ireland, a “Dubliner” who was one of 12 children. Matt and all of his brothers became afflicted with alcoholism. Before he was even a teenager, Matt began drinking when he got his first job in a winery. Soon thereafter he was drinking every day. Once, when Matt didn’t have any money, he pawned the shirt off his back to buy alcohol. He also resorted to stealing and stole the fiddle of a blind man to get money for drinking. At the age of 28, Matt was finally able to make it through a day without alcohol. He then told his mother he was going “take the pledge” and stop drinking altogether, to which she replied “don’t take it unless you will keep it.” Matt resolved that he would not drink for 3 months. He kept his word and then continued his 3 month pledge for what ultimately amounted to 41 years. He lived his non-drinking life humbly and helped others affected by alcoholism. For more information about ending the many patterns of addiction, Philip Maynard’s “To Slake a Thirst” is a good book about the subject and the life of Matt Talbot. © 2011

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Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson