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This is the story of Saint Maximillian Kolbe

Patron of the Jewish Faith, Writers and Publishers
Invoked for Holocaust Remembrance & Reflection

Feast Day: August 14


Maximillian’s story took place long ago in Poland. His parents were Franciscan Tertiaries and he was known as a disruptive child. This changed at age 12 when he had a vision of the Virgin Mary, who offered him either a red or white robe, one to accept a pure life , the other to accept martyrdom. Max chose both. He traveled and created the Immaculata Movement and was known for publishing numerous periodicals. His “Little Daily” was extremely successful. He returned to Poland and in 1939 was imprisoned in Auschwitz as prisoner # 16670. In 1941, some prisoners escaped and the Nazis decided to punish those still imprisoned. They named 10 prisoners to be murdered. One of the men selected was Francis Gajowniczek, a father with young children. Maximillian surrendered his own life voluntarily so that Francis could live, freely accepting purity as well as martyrdom as his destiny. © 2011

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”

-Robert Louis Stevenson