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Zephyrinus was a Bishop and Pope in the 3rd Century. He faced one of the earliest upheavals in Papal history. The schism began because of Hippolytus, who, because he was well-schooled, thought he “knew it all.” There was a big debate over the Logos, the second person of the Trinity. Hippolytus was a Modalist and Patripassian,  who believed it was God, the Heavenly Father, who had been Crucified, not Jesus Christ. Since Zephyrinus was a simple and less educated person, Hippolytus thought he could bully the Pope. But Zephyrrinus preferred a practical approach and just wanted everyone to get along. He believed that one God, the Son, had been Crucified, not the Heavenly Father. And he also had a job to do, so he did not get all swept up in the debate at hand. It was a difficult time for Zephyrinus. He accepted that people will sometimes disagree, yet knew that should not end  the Papacy, and he served ably until the year 217.

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