Vintage Saint Joseph / Joseph the Worker **SOLD OUT**

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Vintage Medallion, Oval, 3mm
Side 1: Saint Joseph the Worker
Side 2: "St. Joseph Provider for the Family, Provide for Us." 

Saint Joseph is the patron of fathers and fatherly figures, and the step-father of Jesus Christ. He was known for his hard work as a carpenter. When Joseph, Jesus’s step-father, learned that Mary was pregnant, he stuck by her side even though he did not know what the future would bring. He put his trust in his wife, Mary, and gave into God’s plan, accepting what God had in store for him. Whenever you have doubts about God’s will, pray to Joseph for the strength of faith and trust!

Rob, our founder, spends a lot of time travelling around Europe on the hunt for new medals to offer. Throughout the years he has gathered and since started quite the vintage medal collection. We are excited to share them with everyone and begin offering them for sale!