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NEW - We Added 5 New Saints Stories!
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Hand-Painted Saints Medals &
Saint Story Greeting Cards!

Hand Painted Saints Medals!
One-of-a-kind, hand painted Saints medals, imported from Italy, in soft cloth gift pouches with beaded chain (or other necklace) and Saint Story Greeting Card for $29.95 (plus $4.00 shipping)

Need your medal right away?

We can deliver your medal on the day of ordering IF you are in the 70124 and 70119 zipcode areas. We hope to expand delivery availability soon! Call 239 3143 for details.

The Cross of Pope Francis!

This is the Cross Pope Francis likes to wear. The image has a shepherd looking over his flock and holding a lamb in his arms. We found this medal in Rome in April when we attended the Canonizations at The Vatican. We are happy to be able to offer this special cross Pope Francis often wears.

Pope Francis Cross

Pope Francis' Cross


Check out our new site, TouchdownJesusMedals.Com!

This is our story!

Watch these 2 Youtube videos and let us know what you think. We think we successfully tell the story of SaintsforSinners in less than 100 seconds! Do we? Let us know! Thanks to Jonathan David Evans for directing and capturing the idea and theme of SaintsforSinners.



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Who's Wearing Who?

Bruce Springsteen wearing's Saint Peter

Bruce Springsteen Rocks at The
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Bruce Springsteen Rocks at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival wearing's Saint Peter
April 30, 2006

Used by permission of The Associated Press - photographer Alex Brandon

The story of our Spritual Encounter with Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band coming soon!


Click for larger image.

The Stories of Touchdown Jesus

Touchdown Jesus!
The King of Kings!
The Word of Life!

There are a few renditions of a figure affectionately known as “Touchdown Jesus,” images of Jesus that have His arms outstretched and high in the air, much like a referee signaling a touchdown in a football game. One rendition is located in Butler County, Ohio, near the Solid Rock Church, where Touchdown Jesus is a 60 feet high statue of Jesus. The singer Heywood Banks has written a clever song about this Touchdown Jesus and he also names Him “Sweet Cream Jesus” and “Imperial Jesus,” among other nicknames. And at the University of Notre Dame, there is another Touchdown Jesus, which is a mural of a similar image, conceived by the artist Millard Sheets. The mural is 134 feet high and is comprised of over 33,000 colors. It was created in 1964 and is located outside Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library. Educators and students alike at Notre Dame revere the mural, and some say it has a “kaleidoscope of personalities,” that include images of “saints and scholars” from throughout the ages. Tributes to “Touchdown Jesus” can also be found on MySpace and Facebook, where He has legions of fans, who happily spread the “Word of Life” with their love for Touchdown Jesus. © 2010

The story is in Greeting Card format and includes the hand-painted medal, a necklace, gift pouch, and some lagniappe.

Saint Medal & Story Greeting Card
(with Envelope)
Story & Greeting Card Only
(with Envelope)


M.C. Gainey and Rick Duplantier

Actor M.C. Gainey

Here is one of our favorite pictures of all time.

On the left is actor M.C. Gainey and on the right is New Orleans Entertainment Attorney Rick Duplantier. You may recognize M.C. from his performances in the "Dukes Of Hazzard" and as the bearded man in ABC Television's "LOST."

M.C. also had a great role in the movie "Sideways." He was wearing a's St. Patrick medal in his scene, and that was all he wore! M.C. will soon be appearing in "Pepper Dennis" and "Mr. Woodcock."

Mark Miller, Emily Dewey & Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Mark Miller, Emily Dewey &
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers showing off their hand-painted medals

Jonathan starred as Elvis Presley on CBS this past spring. He won a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal. When he made his acceptance speech he said that Peter Stuart deserved half of the Golden Globe.

You may also recognize him as the star of "Match Point" and "Bend It Like Beckham." He is wearing Saint Patrick, patron of the great republic of Ireland. Look for Jonathan in "Mission Impossible III" this summer!

Greg BehrendtPeter Stuart

Rock & Roll

Peter Stuart's great new album is "Tomorrow Always Comes".

Greg Behrendt's new DVD is "Greg Behrendt Is Uncool".

Both of these guys wear St. Matt.

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Our second decade celebration photo!

Back In Business after Hurricane Katrina

Noah's Ark

We lost our entire inventory of Saints after Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flood,
but we are restocked and back in business!

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Saints & Stories

Saint RochPadre Pio Saint Anthony

Saints & Their Stories

Read our story about your favorite Saint here.

Story of Saint Catherine of Siena

Story of The Miraculous Medal Story of Mother Teresa

Hand-Painted Saints Medals

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