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Imported Italian Saint Catholic Medals
Hand-Painted in New Orleans, Louisiana

Young Rob ClemenzMy name is Rob Clemenz and I’d like to thank you for visiting Saints for Sinners! Saints for Sinners is near and dear to my heart. I am not sure when Saints for Sinners began. My brother Peter told me that when I was a baby and still wearing a bib, I had a bib with an Angel on the front that said “I’m a little Angel” and a devil on the back that said “I’m a little devil.” My mother would always put the bib on me with the Angel facing out and the devil covered. That was the way I liked it and I supposedly loved wearing the bib so much, I kept it on all day long. My siblings would often pull a little “switcheroo” on my mom and me and put the Devil on display. They did that because I would then act like a little devil until my mom would come along and replace the devil with the Angel. I guess I could always say I have been a little angel, but honestly that is far from the truth.But I do have great interest in the lives of the Saints. My brothers and sister tormented me but I guess it was all in fun. I’m glad that as I grew, I got to be a thorn in their side from time to time too. That’s called “Karma”; what goes around comes around!

Anyway, a few years ago I began reading about the Saints and got a lot of comfort from reading about their lives. It seemed that whatever thought or feeling I had, I could find a Saint that could offer me guidance, perspective and most of all, comfort. I loved reading about the Saints! My “adopted” father-in-law, Richard, was a former Holy Cross Brother and when he passed away my “adopted” mother-in-law, Emily, gave me his religious books. I started thinking that the stories I read were so interesting that they needed to be shared. I then bought many more books about the Saints. My friends here in New Orleans took a keen interest in what I was doing and pretty soon everyone was sharing interesting stories about the Saints with me.

I started buying imported medals of the Saints with plans to spruce them up by painting them and attaching them to beaded chains. I then began writing stories about the Saints. Pretty soon I had over one hundred stories written and then my friend Mary gave me tips on how to paint the medals and my brother-in-law/artist, Doug painted some beautiful medals. I gave a bunch of the hand painted, imported medals and serenity stories away and many of my friends refused to ever take the medals off! That was discouraging because I was hoping the medals and the serenity stories would be shared, not kept! So I adopted the “Serenity Medals and Stories for Sharing” phrase and my 15-year-old nephew Doug became a “sales rep” for me and got the hand painted, imported necklaces and stories in local stores! Now I am excited to say that I have over 100 stories and medals for sale and I expect to have 200 by the end of the year!

People from dozens of different countries have visited the site and I have received orders from as far away as Austrialia!

Once again, thanks for visiting the web site. Please help spread the word about it and all the Saints. If you’ve got a “situation”, there’s a Saint who can help you find some peace, understanding and comfort. It doesn’t matter what religious background you have; it’s all about Serenity for Sharing! Which Saint is especially for you? I can help you find out…