A Megaphone Show Invitation & Our Trip to the Canonizations ....

A Megaphone Show Invitation & Our Trip to the Canonizations ....


If you are in or near New Orleans and are looking for something to do on Saturday night, May 31st, (In Other Words, Very Soon!) Rob has been invited to be the guest speaker at The Megaphone Show sponsored by The New Movement Theatre and hosted by Jonathan Evans. It's basically an Improv Group and the show will work like this:

Rob will be sharing 3 very short few minutes long (and true) stories with the audience. He will be explaining how SaintsforSinners truly got started, among other things. Each time he finishes a story the New Movement Group will take the stage and improvise their reaction to what Rob said. Rob and The New Movement will be doing this 3 times. The show starts a little late, 10:30 P.M.

Rob is nervous and excited to share some parts of himself he has not often shared, if at all.... It will be a great time, even if Rob totally flubs ( which is certainly possible ) and the cost is only $ 8.00, and the Club has a BYOB ( Bring Your Own Beverage ) policy so it is a very "Cheap Date." We hope to see some of you there and it will be nice to talk to you and share some curious stories. Spread the word! The address is 1919 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA 70116. The phone number is 504.302.8264 The Intersections are Touro and Pauger in "The Marigny Triangle."  The show has previously been hosted by "The Kids in the Hall's" Kevin McDonald, WDSU Televison's Meteorologist, Margaret Orr, and a host of others.  We hope to see you there.

Our Trip to the Canonizations

After arriving back from Vatican Square in Rome and the Canonizations, we worked hard to get the Rosary Packages our as soon as possible. It took us a while but we have basically finished, but there are probably a few straggling requests that we have not filled. We know we have not sent Dr. Paul Camarata, from www.SaintCast.org his package yet but that's because we can't decide what to send. It will go out soon though.

Sending out the Rosaries was one of the best things we have ever done. It was very rewarding to hear the stories from those of you who requested and received them. If we somehow missed your request and have not followed through and mailed you something you asked for, we apologize and ask that you please let us know, and we will keep sending until our supply runs out.

New Saint Medals and Crosses

We found a bunch of new and different medals ( Saint Pedro, who was Canonized with Saint Kateri at the last Canonization, Saint Gianna, another new Saint Margaret medal, and Saint Chiquinquira ) as well as the popular cross Pope Francis ( "Pope Papi's Cross" ) often wears. It's on the web site in the photo gallery at the top of the page. It's really an awesome medal/cross and is becoming very popular. We are figuring out how to paint it and do better and better after each time we try.

As for the other medals we found, we will be getting photographs and adding those saints and stories to the web site one by one, so please keep checking back and check our Saints for Sinners Facebook Page for regular updates. Or, visit our SaintsforSinners Instagram page. We don't want to clutter your mailbox with too many messages so please visit our other sites on your own schedule.

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