Arch Angel Gabriel is Spreading Good News Again!

Arch Angel Gabriel is Spreading Good News Again!

Gabriel is the patron of the Post Office, and I guess, Amazon too, so he keeps pretty busy.

Gabriel was the Angel who visited with Saint Joseph (pictured above, at his workbench and also with the lily, two of his emblems). We also have great cards of Joseph, one where he's at his workbench, and the other with Joseph asleep and Arch Angel Gabriel waking him up with Good News about Mary. We found the cards in Rome and will send both with every order. Gabriel quietly let Joseph know Mary had experienced the Immaculate Conception. That must have been a bit confusing in the beginning. Now, Gabriel is very well known as the "Messenger" and, I guess he's the patron of text messaging too. Kids must love Arch Angel Gabriel since they seem to be texting pretty frequently, unlike me, who still texts with two fingers. I guess kids should chat with Arch Angel Gabriel when they are waiting to get the SAT scores! Hmmmm - a kind of clever way to get kids interested in spirituality! That's good news too!

Remember to ask Arch Angel Gabriel to intercede when you are awaiting and hoping for good news. He will surely get happy messages coming your way!

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