Lenten Newsletter #3

Lenten Newsletter #3

We’re behind with sending out the 40 Days of Lent Newsletters but that shouldn’t be too surprising because the same thing happened last year. We will catch up and hopefully a few of you will stick with us and suffer through our thoughts, ramblings, ideas, and sales! 

       Our big news is that we have hired Sheffy James,  a Brand Specialist, to help us get the word out about our hand-painted saint medals and our offbeat stories of the saints. Sheffy has been working with us for a few months and we are delighted she will be taking on a new role as a SaintsforSinners liaison. 

       Sheffy will soon be reaching out to those of you who are selling our medals and she will be repackaging and designing new displays. I’m very excited to have Sheffy joining us and bringing her ideas and thoughtful introspection to our company. We’ll be talking more about Sheffy in future newsletters and look forward to her creating new relationships and strengthening the relations we are so fortunate to already have with many of the retailers and followers of www.SaintsforSinners.com  ~ SaintsforHOPE.com



 I can’t believe I missed mentioning 
www.LentMadness.Org   - Their web site is perfect! Take a look! The creators, Tim and Scott, have their own March Madness Party every year, except it has nothing, zero, zilch about basketball. Tim and Scott nominate 124 saints and other fabulous folks and they educate us, day after day, about all 124 of them! Today the contest is between Saint Andrew the Fisherman versus Polycarp. We have no idea who Polycarp is, but he or she will either be votes out of the contest or will beat Saint Andrew to challenge another saint or holy figure on another day. You can read about them here.

We heartily recommend that you participate in Lent Madness. Who knows, maybe your favorite saint is in the contest. Maybe your saint will go undefeated and win the coveted Golden Halo. And you definitely learn about many, many great, admirable people just by reading about the Lent Madness contestants. 

If you know anyone who teaches religion, tell them about Lent Madness. If you know someone in RCIA, tell them about Lent Madness. If you know someone who may be struggling with finding or renewing their Faith, invite them to participate in Lent Madness.  I’m sorry I was late writing about his brilliantly educational and fun tournament.

May the Best Saint Win!

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