Meet Sheffy

Meet Sheffy

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Yesterday we were able to introduce our new brand specialist. We would love for y’all to know a little more about her, at SaintsforSinners we hand pick not only the medals but also those working close with us. Transference of energy is something we take to heart as all those that cross your path makes an impact. 

Hi im Sheffy James, where to start…

Well duh where am I from; I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.  

It was definitely a journey getting all the way from Canada down to the south. 

But before we get to that… I am the lovely middle child of three. I have an older sister and a younger brother. We grew up in a very strict Muslim family. This made me grow up to resent religion and the powers it might hold. We did not have a lot of money and grew up struggling. My parents were immigrants and after a lot of hard work my parents were able to come up in life and make something of themselves. Seeing how hard my parents worked with limited education aspired me to work hard myself. I went to college got a degree in Child and Youth care as I wanted to make a difference and help in need youth. Unfortunately , it’s not as easy as you think. This lead me to picking up a skill; so I went back to school and learned how to fix cars. I loved doing that but because I was a female once I started to work, they had me at a desk the whole time. You would think a city as big as Toronto would be more progressive.  But then shortly after I moved to America. 

Now, how I got here. I met my lovely husband online while he was in the Marines. He is the best anyone can ask for and I always believed it was God trying to make up for all the bad I had to go through when I was younger.  Shortly after meeting him in person, we decided to get married. I moved in with him in a small town called Monroe. I was isolated. No friends, no family, nothing to do. So, we packed our bags and moved into the beautiful city of New Orleans. We have been here for 3 years. I love to create art. I love traveling.

The True Meaning

When I started working with Rob, I had no idea about any saints or what they stand for. After a few weeks, while I was helping him, I came upon a certain medal. In my hand I was holding Maria Goretti, I had a heavy weight lifted out of my heart and shoulders. I had no clue why as she is the saint of forgiveness and young girls. Once I read more about her and what she went through, I understood why I had that connection to her. If you don’t know much about her story you can...

Read it here

 I did not know how much I held on to the past and how one little medal could make me feel relief. These medals have different meanings for everyone, and they help us with things we did not even know we needed help with. It was not till then that I knew what Rob was really doing. He wasn’t just hand painting medals to sell, he was sharing love, compassion, forgiveness with the world. The more I learn about the saints the more I am drawn into this wonderful world. But enough about me, I would love to hear about how these medals have helped or impacted your lives as they are stories that give hope to people like me who might be lost without even knowing it. 

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