New Saint Added to Line Up - Saint Kevin!

New Saint Added to Line Up - Saint Kevin!

All of us at hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend, we sure did! And what better way to celebrate Jesus' Resurrection than gorging on candy and searching for plastic eggs with friends and family?! We have news to share, a special offer, and even a new saint to add to our line-up, Saint Kevin of Glendalough!

First, we would like to extend a big "Welcome!" to our newest member of the SaintsforSinners family, Melanie Plaideau, who is our Retail Director! If you are interested in receiving an updated price sheet for wholesale purchase, or if you just want to chat, say hi, or just want to hear her thoughts about her work, please contact Melanie via email;, or if you would prefer the pleasure of actually talking on a phone ( !! ) , you can call her at 504.214.2505! Welcome Melanie, and thanks for your tremendous dedication!

 We are NYC Bound!

This Friday, April 17th, we will be taking a trip to our second favorite place in the country, New York City! Besides "medal hunting," eating pizza, and people watching, we will also be looking for new stores to carry our medals. Please drop us a line or give us a call if you have any ideas, suggestions, advice, about stores that need our medals. Who knows, maybe our will be the next Cronut!

 Special Offer Alert!

What kind of Newsletter would this be without our usual SfS special offer and medal giveaway?! Throughout the month of April you will receive a FREE Our Lady of the Highway medal! Along with St. Christopher She is the patron saint of safe travel, so she is perfect for anyone planning on doing some travelling this summer, especially those headed down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest in a few weeks! Or of course for anyone else as well. And as an added bonus, the next time someone tells you "It's my way or the Highway" you can pull out your medal and politely agree that yes, it is your way.

 Introducing our Newest Saint Medal!

It gives us joy and a few chuckles to welcome to the squad our newest medal, Saint Kevin of Glendalough. Saint Kevin was born in the Province of Leinster, Ireland. Legend has it that when he was born, an Angel appeared, and his mother endured no labor pains, and the falling snow melted around their house.

The Angel instructed his parents to name him Kevin (Coemgen in the native tongue), marking the very first time anyone bore the name Kevin. Kevin wasn't very fond of people but he loved animals dearly and legend has it he performed a number of miracles, creating a legacy still popular in Irish Folklore.

When Kevin was 7 his parents sent him to a Monastery, where on the first day of Lent he went outside and knelt, holding his hand outstretched to the Lord when a Blackbird landed in his hand, constructed a nest, and laid eggs. He remained perfectly still, surviving on berries and nuts dropped into his mouth from the Blackbird, until all the eggs hatched. The final baby bird was born on the last day of Lent and flew safely out of Kevin's hand.

Never fond of humans, Kevin made his home as a hermit in a small cave in Glendalough. He spent 7 years in solemn prayer and reflection, where an otter would bring him Salmon, to feed the Monks. But one Monk decided he wanted to take the otter and make gloves! Kevin then told the Otter to get out of Glendalough and never return. The cave he lived in exists to this day, and is now known as "Saint Kevin's Bed."

A pagan dairy farmer named Dima would let his cows out to pasture every day, when he began noticing one cow in particular would wander further than the others. Dima never knew where the cow went, but grew curious when it began producing almost 50 times the milk as the others. Eventually Dima followed the cow and realized it would visit Kevin in his cave everyday and lick his feet and clothes while he prayed. In awe, Dima begged Kevin to come out of isolation to show him and his family the way of Christ. Kevin then decided he would build a monastery to spread the good word, but King O'Tool of Glendalough, a pagan, would not allow it.

The King had a pet goose who was old and weak, and unable to fly. Kevin visited the goose and made the King a proposition, he requested the King grant Kevin any land the goose flew over to build his monastery. The King agreed knowing the goose was old and feeble and could not fly, but when Kevin touched the goose it grew young again, and flew across the entire valley of Glendalough. Kevin then, with the help of local farmers, built the monastery, which soon became populated with Monks who spread the word of the Lord.

Upon hearing these stories our assistant Farrah, cleverly dubbed St. Kevin "The Animal Whisperer." We are proud to have him in stock for all you Animal lovers, people who prefer isolation, and people who love all things Irish or Blackbirds. If any of you want the St. Kevin medal the only way to receive it is by ordering Our Lady of the Highway. Unfortunately he is not on our website yet, so please order Our Lady of the Highway and we will know to send Her along with St. Kevin. (Of course you will get both for the price of one).

Thanks for reading to the bottom line, we will be in touch!


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    hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about “pandemic”. Please ask me :)

  • woonor

    hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about “pandemic”. Please ask me :)

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