Quick Update About Canonization Souvenirs

Quick Update About Canonization Souvenirs

Hello Again -

The response from yesterday's SaintsforSinners.com e-mail offering souvenirs from the upcoming Pope John Paul II Canonization in Rome has been fantastic. We are happy to send the Rosaries that will be blessed by Pope Francis in Vatican Square and mail the postcards, and try to fulfill all requests you make! Thanks for the offers to pay for postage too. If you would like to help us with the postage costs you can e mail payment through www.SaintsforSinners.com or Paypal at Rock504@aol.com, or mail us a stamp or two. It's not necessary, but we do appreciate your willingness to chip in to help defray postage costs!    


     Please, please, please include all of the relevant information AND your mailing address when you send us your requests. If you can let us know exactly what you would like and include your mailing address in the same e mail that will be a HUGE time saver for us, so please remember to give us any and all information we may need in the first e mail. Requests sent through www.SaintsforSinners.com are preferred but you can also send to robclemenz@me.com and you can also just "phone it in" by calling 504.239.3143

     Thanks for all the e mail notes that many of you have already sent. Your notes and requests just make this upcoming trip that much more exciting. I really feel blessed and lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Thank you so much!

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