Saint Josephine Bakhita

Saint Josephine Bakhita

We were honored to hear from Kimberly A. Hogan, PhD, who is doing important work at the Center for Human Trafficking Research and Training (CHRT).

Dr. Hogan wrote to say " I LOVE your work. I bought several medals while I was in New Orleans." And then she wrote about our Saint Josephine Bakhita medals and is purchasing some of her medals to give away as gifts to people working to help juvenile victims of trafficking.

Of course, she will receive plenty of extra one-of-a-kind Saint Josephine
hand-painted saint medal packages.

Our brief Saint Josephine story:

It's time to change Saint Josephine's information to discuss the larger graver issues of human trafficking. We will rewrite the story. Thanks to Dr. Hogan, we will also begin talking about human trafficking. We should have done that a long time ago!

Can you forward or pass around this email and begin dialog the lets us start talking about Human Trafficking?

Thank you

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