Saint Rita's Love Song for You on this Easter Sunday

Saint Rita's Love Song for You  on this Easter Sunday

Good Morning and to those who are opening this on the April 20th, Happy, Happy Easter! We have a nice gift for you today to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

         Here is a song from Clay Crawford and Monty Miller, who are also known here in New Orleans as Harrowers, a band Rob recently discovered and loves. He was able to reach Monty yesterday and asked if they would share their song "Good Morning Saint Rita" from their new record, "Intimate" with the E Mail List on Easter Sunday. Monty was happy to create a new file and offer us the lyrics, shown below. These guys wrote Saint Rita as an expression of love for the folks at Saint Rita Elementary School, and Monty says, "We live across the street from St. Rita Elementary School and Saint Louis Cathedral, so it's partly a love letter to them, in addition to being about positivity and enlightenment," and what better message is there to share on this glorious Easter Sunday?

          Imagine this, if you can: the "Hail Mary" as an introduction to a gift of song for you this Easter. We hope you enjoy it - thanks to The Harrowers for letting us share! Happy, Happy Easter!

Good Morning Saint Rita

"You were in my dreams tonight
Appeared to me before a fire
I held your hand as I walked right by a burning world
And, for the first time in a long time, it didn't hurt me
Life tonight is one without burden
And like a miracle completing what seemed impossible to me, really,
A magic pair, a positive force
A peace in my sleep,
If I'm waking up can I keep it?
Reaching out for me, yeah
If I drift away, help me see
The darkened halls of my mind
Love radiating to your bright eyes
Flames licking at our heels tonight, can you feel it?
And, ooh babe, I can't let it go
No, babe don't let it go cold
This feeling can burn forever
Though put it out before
In a nightmarish world I couldn't let my joys unfurl
But there's a peace in my sleep
If i'm waking up can I keep it?
Grant for me my dreams, yeah
If I'm waking up help me sing

Good Morning, St. Rita let me hear the bells ring,
Good Morning, St. Rita, let me hear the choir sing....

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P.S. - We are traveling to Rome on Thurssday so there's still time to get us your complete address information so we can send you a gift from the Canonizations....

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