Special Holiday Offer

Special Holiday Offer

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays!  We hope you had a great year.  We have a special Holiday SaintsforSinners offer for you all just in time for Christmas.  To receive this offer all you need to do is let us know you viewed this newsletter by typing the codeword HAPPY in the message box or by email. The special will consist of  3 medal packages from SaintsforSinners as a Holiday Surprise. For $50.00 - you will receive 3 stories, 3 hand-painted Saint Medals, necklaces and felt pouches, along with extra items from rob's last trip to Rome, BUT we are not guaranteeing what medals you will get. That's where the "Surprise" comes into play!

Surely though, there will be someone you know who would like the saints you receive! And maybe, by gifting these medals to someone, you will wind up helping them in some way.... A little Divine Inspiration, perhaps?  We're offering this special discount to friends who have been on the mailing list and who enjoy opening and reading our Newsletters. The offer is not transferable and is only for you folks who have received and/or opened our E Mail Newsletters. This offer is good through Sunday, December 21, 2014, at Midnight,  and is our gesture to say "Merry Christmas and thanks for supporting SaintsforSinners.com and www.TouchdownJesusMeadals.com "

We appreciate you! Many thanks to all of you!

Have a Happy New Year! We are blessed: thanks to you ....

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