John the Baptist

John the Baptist

Patron of Midsummer
Invoked for Clarity and Direction
Feast Day: June 24

John the Baptist’s story took place long ago. Although most saints have their celebratory day (“Feast Days”) on the dates of their death (also known as “natales” or “heavenly birth”) JTB bucks that trend and we celebrate his life on the day of his earthly birth, June 24th. This is probably because John is credited with baptizing or “birthing” so many people into Christianity. But John was more than a baptizer; he was also an eloquent preacher and prophet. The authors of the Gospels in The Bible ravish JTB with praise and it is believed that JTB once rivaled Jesus as a candidate for the role of Messiah. But JTB humbly deferred to Jesus. He remained very popular with the masses and this led him to become very unpopular with King Herod who clearly feared JTB and his ability to clearly present his point of view and lead others on a journey toward revering the New Messiah. As the patron of midsummer, JTB was known to enjoy the carefree, pagan magic associated with that day. The bonfires lit to honor the old gods became known as the “fires of saint John.” The miraculously healing herb hypericum became known as saint John’s-wort. John, like Luke, was known to be clear headed in his thinking and he vowed to “make straight the way,” leading him to become the patron of highway workers and anyone seeking the clearest path on any journey, be it physical or mental. JTB’s immense popularity scared King Herod to the point where he had his minions arrest, imprison and decapitate him. It is said his head was then given to a strip tease dancer named Salome. Look to Saint John the Baptist when trying to organize and complete important tasks. JTB will help you steer clear of unnecessary diversions and guide you toward vivid clarity. @2002

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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