Saint Albert

Saint Albert

The Great Albertus Magnus the "Universal Doctor"
Patron of students, philosophy, and science
Feast Day: November 15

Saint Albert was born in Swabia – a region that now contains Stuttgart, Germany – around 1200. He studied at the University of Padua and the University of Paris, which then was the intellectual center of western Europe. He joined the Dominican Order and became the first German Dominican friar to receive a master of theology degree.

Albert became one of the great scholars of his age. He led the way in introducing the writings of Aristotle to Western thought. He pioneered use of the inductive method of reasoning.

Albert also was a renowned scholar and researcher in natural science – studying animals, birds, insects, plants and minerals. His 40 volumes of writings served as an encyclopedia of human knowledge at the time in physics, geography, astronomy, mineralogy, chemistry, biology, mathematics, scripture, philosophy and theology.

His contemporaries called him “Albert the Great” (“Albertus Magnus”) and “universal doctor.” Thomas Aquinas was his pupil in Cologne.

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