Saint Alphonsus

Saint Alphonsus

Patron of the Redemptorists
Invoked against arthritis
Feast Day: August 1

Alphonsus was born in the 18th century near Naples. It was quickly discovered, when he was very young, that he was brilliant, with a keen intellect. He was a vociferous reader, thrived in academics, and became a lawyer at a very young age. He was also deeply religious; many say that he would always go to Mass first, and to court second. Alphonsus was also a lover of the arts and a talented musician. He was a true lover of opera.

Before he was 30, he answered his religious calling and soon became ordained. His ministry was part of the Redemptorists and his counsel steeped in gentle simplicity, comforting many. He was a true leader and is credited with creating the Redemptoristines women’s order. He was known as a reformer, and this caused him to represent the Redemptorists while they were being oppressed by the king. At the same time, he began to suffer from rheumatism and arthritis, and was also quickly losing his eyesight. His failing vision led him to be tricked into signing improper documents which led him to be removed as the leader of his order by the Pope. He was ostracized and lost his confidence and his faith but it was resurrected soon before his death. He attained the title of bishop. © 1999

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