Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia

St. Cecily 
Patron saint of musicians and music lovers
Feast Day: November 22

Cecilia’s story took place long ago. Cecilia was a virgin martyr who vowed to serve the Lord. Her parents forced her to marry a nobleman named Valerian. Cecilia sang silently to the Lord during the marriage ceremony, resolving to remain a virgin and pure to God. Valerian was very understanding and the couple never “consummated” their marriage. He and his brother Tiburtius began assisting Cecilia with her devotions and teachings. Valerian and Tiburtius were later murdered and Cecilia helped with their burials. She was arrested for this, brought before the prefect and sentenced to death by suffocation. The prefect’s murderous plan failed so she was ordered beheaded. This plan was also poorly executed since it is said Cecilia survived for three days after the attempted beheading. The story of Cecilia is prominently featured in the “Second Nun’s Tale” of Chaucer’s masterpiece, “The Canterbury Tales”. Renaissance artist Raphael and others often painted Cecilia in their paintings playing music. She is also popular in modern time; Simon and Garfunkel’s well known song “Cecilia,” after a careful listen, seems to be an Ode to Saint Cecilia. SfS Saint Cecilia or Cecily medals show her with a church organ, harp or lute and musicians and singers often pray to her to invoke against hitting the wrong key and/or staying in tune! © 1997

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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