Saint Martha

Saint Martha

Patroness of Sisters
Invoked For Harmonious Lifelong Relationships
Feast Day: July 29

Martha’s story took place long ago. Martha was the sister of Mary and the two sisters were different yet nevertheless very close. But this was not always the case. There were times when the sisters had disagreements due to their very different personalities. But Jesus was a frequent visitor to their house and he helped them learn to love and understand one another, despite their differences. He showed Martha and Mary that although Martha was much more active and busy and Mary more quiet and studious, they were forever bonded through their sisterhood. Martha was the type of person who would always be making plans and coordinating things while Mary was devoted to her studies. Martha would get irritated because she felt she was getting stuck doing all the work at the house. Jesus helped Martha to understand the differences she had with her sister Mary. It was Martha who acted outwardly while Mary was one more suited to quiet study. All of us at SfS appreciate the differences between Martha and Mary and their different lives help us to appreciate the differences in those around us. Pray to sisters Martha and Mary when you start worrying too much, or too little, about what your sisters are doing, or not doing. Martha will help keep you thinking about what is best for everyone in the house. @2011

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