Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene

Patron of Repentant Sinners, Hair Stylists and Perfumers
Feast Day: July 22

Mary Magdalene’s story took place long ago. She was born in Magdala, near the Sea of Gallilea. Mary Magdalene is surely the most misunderstood and least respected of all the Saints. There is a tired old story portraying Mary as a mere harlot or prostitute but the truth is, she may have been mentally ill. Still, she was a beautiful, loving and generous woman who figured most prominently in the life of Jesus Christ. Mary’s life was forever changed when Jesus cast seven devils out from her; from that point on, she became His ardent and loyal follower. Even when Jesus was ostracized and left to die on the cross, Mary stood by Him. She washed His feet with her tears, dried Him with her hair and applied soothing oils to His body to comfort Him. After Jesus was dead, Mary was the first to see he had been resurrected. In art, Mary is often portrayed waiting at the foot of Jesus’ cross, as she is in the SfS medal. Wear her medal and praise Mary Magdalene, the woman healed by Jesus. ©2009

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Wear this medal and then
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Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,
painted by hand in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is
one of a kind original
“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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