Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Feast Day: January 28

Thomas was a person who loved to learn and was always diligent with his studies. He was a quiet man and somewhat “big boned” – this led him to be nicknamed the “dumb ox” but this was only because of his large size and the fact that he was a quiet person, a listener, rather than one who spouted off thier gifts of knowledge constantly. Thomas was a great writer who wrote in nearly illegible shorthand – this was because there was a paper shortage and Thomas carefully adapted his writings in order to avoid waste. In the middle of writing his famous Summa Thelogica, Thomas experienced a divine revelation. His vision left him so fulfilled that he later stated that “all of his writings were like straw compared to the glory” that he had been shown. He is now widely acknowledged as the premier theologian of the Middle Ages. Pray to Saint Thomas Aquinas when trying to learn and comprehend the complexities of life. Saint Thomas Aquinas will help you gather clear understanding and find true intellectual integrity. ©2000

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