Saint Ann / Anne / Anna

Saint Ann / Anne / Anna

Patron of mothers, grandmothers, and literacy
Feast Day: July 26

Anne’s story took place long ago. Anne is the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Grandmother of Jesus. Her name is derived from the name Hannah and is synonymous with “grace”. Anne was married to Joachim and the couple went childless for many years. Joachim and Anne faced harsh ostracism in their community because they did not have children. Joachim elected to go off into the desert for 40 days; he fervently prayed for God to send a baby! Anne also prayed and an Angel appeared. Soon after, Anne conceived a baby who later became known as Mother Mary. Anne is honored as the Patroness of Mothers and also those who teach others to read. Many also pray to Saint Anne to ask her for help in prolonging the most precious gift available: The Gift of Life. In our SfS medal, Anne is shown with a little girl by her side. The little girl is a very young Mary, learning to read, before she became the most venerated woman in the history of the world. Let’s praise the Mother of all Mothers, Mary’s Mom, Saint Anne, the Mother of Grace! © 2002

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Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,
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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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