Saint Charles Borromeo

Saint Charles Borromeo

Patron of those seeking Catholic Reformation
Invoked against stomach aches and ulcers
Feast Day:  November 4

Charles Borromeo’s story took place long ago! Born with a speech impediment, he was able to overcome his disability and through careful study, became a canon and civil lawyer. He was also an Apostle to the Council of Trent and worked diligently to help Swiss Catholics. He was known as a reformer and like most leaders, faced an army of critics. Many of the Monks in the Order of Humiliati were afraid of Borromeo’s powerful dynamism and leadership so they tried to kill him. Fortunately, their bullets missed the target and Charles carried on with his good work. He instituted Catechism and Sunday School and was the Priest who administered the First Holy Communion to Saint to be, Aloysius Gonzaga. Charles was a great leader and many others followed his fine example. Charles dutifully worked to help the sick, the dying and even the dead. He helped bury many who succumbed to the plagues of the period. He worked tirelessly for peace in the aftermath of disarray that followed the destruction created by Martin Luther. Charles was known as a visionary who worked to effect the changes that were needed in the church. He is known to ward off stomach aches as well as ulcers. And he is also known as the patron of apple orchards. We have a great affinity for Saint Charles Borromeo because of the fact that he was known as a reformer who tried to bring “lapsed Catholics” back through the doors of the Church. For this we think that Saint Charles Borromeo should also be viewed as the adopted Patron Saint of Because, when it is all said and done, that is truly the goal of this little web site in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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