Saint Theresa of Avila

Saint Theresa of Avila

Feast Day: October 15

Theresa of Avila was a lady who spoke her mind. Though she sometimes created controversy, there was never any “small talk” with Theresa – she told everyone what she was thinking without agonizing over the consequences. For example, one day Theresa had trouble crossing a stream; the donkey she was riding was being an uncooperative jackass! Theresa got soaked with mud and who knows what else and instead of getting mad at a poor defenseless animal, she got mad at God. Theresa screamed, yelling to God: “Well, if this is the way you treat your friends it is no wonder you don’t have any!” Theresa didn’t hold back but this doesn’t mean she was a troublemaker. Actually, Theresa was full of love and the “life of the party.” She was able to criticize when she was irritated, and  able to see the good, the pure, the “better side,” of friends in her life. Theresa’s glass was always half-full! Pray to Theresa when you see a friend as one-dimensional or lacking; Theresa will help you see that the dark side of a friend is only a tiny glimpse of what your friend is all about. Theresa will help you communicate with honesty and true feeling. We love Theresa for admitting she was mad at God. Haven’t you been upset with God at some point in your life? You probably have but it’s nothing to be ashamed about; just ask Saint Theresa of Avila! © 1999

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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